Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can't Sleep

I called the doctor's office this afternoon.  Although Inmate #3's fever was broken most of the day yesterday, and plans were to send her back to school today, it returned again last night just before bed.  Since it was low-grade, I was still going to send her, but by this morning, it was back up past 100.

By this afternoon, I decided it was time to check with the doctor.  I called in, and they asked me to bring her in for a 5pm appointment.  We did so.  She has no other symptoms but fever and sleepiness.  Her eyes have been sickly looking.  She's had an intermittent headache and now has achy knees.

We got her in to see the doctor around 5:30.  They were very backed up.  The doctor decided it could be one of three things--strep, influenza or mono.  Her feelings was it's flu.  She's a strep carrier, but her strep test came back negative, so there goes that theory.  I think I'll be taking her in tomorrow for a blood work-up to rule out mono.

When I got home, things were a bit chaotic.  At bedtime, I went to my room and found the gummy bear vitamins sitting on my bedside table, open with the lid sitting next to the bottle.  Ugh!  There were still vitamins in the bottle, so that's a good sign.  I knew exactly who'd been having some gummy's tonight.  I approached Inmate #6.  He told me that he hadn't had any.  Then I pressed.  He assured me he'd only had two.  This could be true, and he knows he only gets two.

So, here I am up tonight, checking and re-checking on my little ones.  I read online that you can't o.d. on these kinds of vitamins, but I still worry.

I just found out that a good friend of mine lost her mom yesterday.  This friend and I hung out when we were in our early 20s.  It's been since then since I've seen her mom, but she was a very smiley, nice lady.  She was always very sweet to me when I'd go over to their house.  I'm sad that she's gone, and I feel for this friend.  How come, even though I've been through it, I still don't know what to do for her?  Shouldn't I know?  There were so many people who did nice things for me when my mom died.  I wish I would have paid better attention.  I guess the biggest thing I can give her is my understanding.  That was one thing not a lot of my peers could give me.  I was twenty-nine when my mom died.  My friends hadn't experienced it.  I think they did the nicest things they could have done in the circumstances, but I wish just one of them would have truly understood what I was going through.  So, that's what I will give her.  I will feel it with her.

This is just kind of middle of the night blithering....

I went to a baby shower this evening.  I love this woman who is having a new baby.  When she told me she was pregnant, she shared some of the rude things that people have said to her.  I heard a few of those things said in jest this evening.  I kind of got a little irritated.  It was all said in good fun, but in this situation it's hurtful.  If you haven't been in this situation, how would you know that?  I spoke up and shared what a huge blessing Inmate #7 is to our family.  She is quite possibly the biggest blessing we've ever had, and believe me, we've had some big blessings.  To watch the big boys in our family care for her and love on her is wonderful.  It has brought a balance to our home that could have come no other way.  Babies are just plain blessings whether we plan them out or someone gifts them to us.  I'm grateful for our little gift.

I have spent the last few days completely unmotivated.  I didn't really get dressed this morning until after I picked up Inmate #5 from school.  I even went to the fabric store in my sweats.  What a slacker!!!  I woke up this morning to fold the enormous pile of clean laundry that's been haunting the middle of my bedroom floor.  I got most of it done.  I noticed, when I woke up, that my fingers were very swollen.   As I looked in the bathroom mirror, it was apparent that my face had been too.  My stomach had hurt really badly the night before, and my throat had been dry for the last couple days.  I drank a big ol' bunch of water trying to get my throat to feel right yesterday, so I knew my swollen face and hands weren't caused by dehydration.

I sent an email to the doctor's office.  They called today and said it sounded like I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I'm taking for the sinus infection.  So, now I'm off those.  They said that because it has been a week, they want to wait and see if symptoms return.  Oh, how I hope they don't.  Time will tell.  I'm wondering if the allergy had something to do with my tiredness and thus my lack of motivation.  Sure, let's blame it on that.  Heck, let's just blame everything on that, shall we?

Well, I'm going to go hop up into my little beddy-bye again and see if I have any luck getting my brain to slow down.  If not, I'll be back.


Julie B. said...

Your poor daughter. I hope she gets better soon.
My little boy loves those gummy vites and says to me all the time "my tummy hurts, i need at vitamen to make it all better" 10 times a day!
I truly believe you are right by being there for your friend whpse mother passed away, by just understanding.
My son is a gift to us. He's adopted. You wouldn't believe some of the RUDEST (i should say DUMBEST) things said to us! I honestly think some people just blurt out what they are thinking and have that "foot-in-mouth syndrome".
Hope you get better soon! It stinks when you are trying to get better and the meds are working against you..arrggg.

P4 said...

I was shocked to see the time that you commented on my blog. I was immediately worried about you being up so late. I hope all is well! I so understand the thing about helping a friend when a loved one dies. I never know what to do! I went through it twice! Speaking of which, have you heard about my dad? Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all your comments lately. I love them! And I've been missing you lately. Thanks for being an important part of my life. Love you!

Hesses Madhouse said...

@P4 - Good to hear from you! I only heard a little bit about your dad. How are things? How are you? I miss you too!

Hesses Madhouse said...

@MPH - Loved perusing your blog late last night. You have some GREAT links on your sidebar. I will be back to haunt you, I'm sure.
My hubby and I each have two adopted siblings, so we understand the importance of adoption. Our lives sure would be different without these great siblings.

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