Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 26- What I Think About My Friends

This is a dumb one...What do I think about my friends?  Well, they're my friends, what should I think about them?

I will tell you one thing, I wish I was a better one.  I have a lot of acquaintances, but life is busy, and I don't make enough time for my friends.  I know if I needed them, they'd be there.  I have no doubt of that.  I hope they also know that I'd be there for them as well.

I also know that at the most vital times in my life there have been special people enter my life right at the right times.  I think of my friends--many of them--as some of the most tender mercies I have had--proof that God loves me.

So, I'm going to lay it all out here (forgive me for doing this).... To Andy and Carol, Tonya, Becky, Rachel, Megan, Leslie, Lynn, Kitti, Jill, Kristi, Jennifer, Christy, Heather, Lynda, Toni, Julie, Julie, Jodi, Rory, and Alyson, I don' t know if you know this, but you have been some of those tender mercies in my life.  Thank you for what you did for me.  You were so needed in my life.


Jen said...

Wonderful post Julie. Friends can definitely be life savers. Sometimes the people we live with are too close to the situation to give us the feedback with need. With friends, they love, they listen, they validate. It's great! Like you, I have very little time to spend with friends. When I do have time, they are usually busy with their families. A no win situation. That's why blogging, email, and phones are so great! Even if we can't go DO something together, we can at least catch up on all of the things that matter most in our lives. I'm rambling, so I'll end here. Hopefully what I was saying makes sense.

Alyson said...

*hugs* Aw, sweetie. Lovely post.

Tonya said...

As you have been a tender mercy in my life. I love you Julie Hessenstein!!!

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