Monday, January 31, 2011

Drinking the Cheerios

One of my children, who for this post, shall remain nameless, woke up on the WAY wrong side of the bed this morning.

At the breakfast table, this child was offered a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  NO!  This was not part of this child's agenda.  Thinking this was just a mistake on the Warden's part, I offered, from upstairs, to eat the Frosted Flakes.  I had seen the child bring up the box of Honey Nut Cheerios, so I was on the inside track and knew what this child wanted.  The Warden hadn't been in the kitchen for this.

The next adventure of the morning happened not even a minute later with, "I don't want the big spoon!"  WHAT?!  Did I hear that correctly?

I came downstairs at this point, regretting the offer to eat the Frosted Flakes, and gave a choice, "Would you like to eat it with that spoon or no spoon?"  I waited calmly for the answer and received none.  The rule is, if they choose not to choose after a certain period of time, I get to choose, so I chose the no spoon route.

Things, obviously, weren't instantly happy, and over time, things started to deteriorate even more with this child missing a ride to school because of the lack of spoon situation.

Luckily, I was going to be taking other siblings to school later, so this child could also get a ride if there was complete control for the rest of the time between then and the time I drove the other siblings.

Let me just say that from that moment on, there was peace, and the Cheerios went down without another sound...and without a spoon.

The beautiful thing....There was not one moment of stress on my part.  I stayed composed.  The problem was left in the child's shoes (or maybe I should say bowl).  Will there be another problem like this in the future?  Probably, but I hope something was learned from today.  Hard to say.  We'll see.


Alyson said...

Way to go :D It was a wonderful mommy moment!

Christine said...

Hard to read with a pink background.

Tonya said...

LOVE it!!! I will so remember this. And I will use it:)

Fleebings said...

Your story made me giggle and brought visuals to mind for me. My family members will eat/drink straight from the cereal bowl rather than taking the time and making the effort to hand wash a spoon from the dishwasher. ;)

vaxhacker said...

BRAVO! You're a role model parent. I would probably have caved in somewhere in there.

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