Friday, January 21, 2011


It's Friday!!!

That's the only thought that got me out of bed this morning. I LOVE Friday.

The heat was turned on last night (we usually use the pellet stove, which does a beautiful job heating the house. I will take a photo of it sometime. It sits in the corner of our family room. It looks very pretty there while the fire burns. It's waiting to be cleaned, so once it's cleaned, then I'll take the photo). The furnace doesn't do nearly as good a job at keeping the house warm, but because the carpets were still a bit damp from yesterday's cleaning, the Warden turned the heat on and went to bed.

The heat was up too high last night. I woke up too warm. I didn't want to get out of bed.

I volunteered at the elementary school today. I love my kids' teachers! I love that they let me work with the kids. In Inmate #4's class, I usually do math. It's so rewarding. Today we worked on rounding decimals. In Inmate #5's class, I usually get to read with the kids one-on-one. The funnest (yes, I used that word) thing about the whole experience is when the teacher says, "I'm going to have you work with Mrs. ...," and the kids cheer. I didn't put my name there because it's not just me. They do it for any mom or dad that helps out, and I love that! Nice to be wanted.

I have my friend's kids here right now. She's at a doctor's appointment. It's Friday, so it's movie day. Yay for Netflix; they're watching Kipper right now, but bummer that Netflix is doing away with the DVD portion of their service--HUGE bummer. That will limit what my kids get to watch. We rely on our Clearplay to cut out so much of the skanky stuff in DVDs for the kids.

Anyway, they're down being entertained, while I'm figuring out my reading schedule for Maximum Ride. The Named was great for someone about the age of 12-14-ish. It's part of a series, I think.

The clean carpets are very lifting. Outside it's grey and drippy, but inside, it's so nice and bright and clean. Love it!


Anonymous said...

i've been wanting one of those CLEAR PALY things... do they really work good?


that is disappointing about Netflix doing away with DVDs! I hope they put more movies available through instant streaming... because right now the selection is pretty limited. i LOVE Netflix, though :)

Hesses Madhouse said...

Merrianne - They're AMAZING! I know, we love Netflix, and I'm sure they'll up their instantly streamed inventory here soon, but it still won't be the same. We just love getting a movie in the mail here at our house.

Gnorcia said...

Noooo! I hadn't heard about Netflix DVDs going bye-bye. They'd all better go INSTANTLY to instant-watch or I'm outta there. No need for a service that has almost nothing to watch.

I used to love my ClearPlay. I left it with my ex because he's the one who watches the shows that need bleeping - and he has never used it (according to my kids.) I WANT IT BACK!

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