Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Night

#2 turned 16 back on the 4th.  Before we had children, we, the Warden and I, decided that our kids'd only have a big wing-ding party every four years.  Well, 16 is one of those.  On off years, the kids can invite one friend to go with the family and do something fun, but 4, 8, 12, and 16 are the biggies.

We're doing a mystery dinner.  It has a Halloween theme.  Should be really fun.

So, today is full of preparations--cleaning, decorating, baking, dressing up, etc., etc.

My kids are an Indiana Jones type character, a country/western Taylor Swift-esque star, an opera singer, and #4 has opted to be one of Robin Hood's merry men.

Hmm.  I should make more excuses to get Harrison Ford on my blog.
Just be grateful that I passed on the pic of the woman with the shields in strategic places--very tempting.

I'll make sure to get some photos to share in the next couple days.


Alyson said...

Don't forget to draw a 13 on "Taylor"'s hand. For real fans, that's the dead giveaway that you're dressing up like TS. We went to her concert at the end of Sept and she had sharpie markings (beautifully done, but still, sharpie) all over her arms. And there was not a single fan (including all my girls) who didn't also have a colorful 13 on their hand. I also have a little Taylor this Halloween. We're going to a party in a few minutes and I just freshened up her 13 with silver sharpie, sigh.
Pictures of TS's hand:

vaxhacker said...

I can't claim to be a Taylor Swift fan (although I like a couple of her songs), but I always liked saying 13 was my lucky number when I was a teenager, mostly because it bugged people who were superstitious about numbers.

The party sounds like fun! Our family has done a bunch of those (it's been a New Year tradition). Happy Birthday to #2, and hope the evening is great!

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