Monday, October 31, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Monday

"Morgan had a fairly quiet day. The PEDS had a day of reverse trick or treating today. The hospital volunteers and staff dressed in costumes and brought treats to all of the children. Sponge Bob and friends came by; but the best was the ORANGE, three/ legged, poodle with a GREEN tail, that did cool tricks for BT.

"I am spending the night with Morgan so [Morgan's parents] and BT can spend a night at home. Tomorrow at 11:30 Morgan will be moved to...the hospice facility on the...Medical Center campus. It is a beautiful setting, with medical, emotional, and physical support. Morgan will have access to the same level of care as he is receiving at this point in PICU. (The biggest change will be not having to use a public restroom 40 feet down the hall and past the security doors.)

"We are all grateful for each day with Morgan - he is a strong child. Thank you for your letters of encouragement and Victory Morgan cheers!"


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