Thursday, October 27, 2011

Permission Granted

I'm really not sure where to begin, and I have children and a house that need my attention this morning.  I have received permission from Victory Morgan's grandfather to share a bit of his story.

I think, first of all, I want to share the following video.  Just know that as the day goes on, I will post more and get the updates out so you can pray appropriately.  I'm trying to be sensitive to the situation and protect privacy as much as possible.

I found this video on Morgan's grandmother's facebook wall.  So appropriate.  Get some tissues and take a minute to watch it.  The artist is a wonderful LDS musician--Hilary WeeksNieNie (Stephanie Nielson) and Mariama Kallon are featured in this video.  Both have been through things they would NEVER have chosen for themselves, but the things they've done with what life has handed them is truly inspirational.....

Interesting, but the Warden shared with me, last night before we went to bed, that he's been asked to speak in church on Sunday. His topic: Being an example through adversity.


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