Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just found this.  FASCINATING!  To date, there have been 1607 earthquakes in Japan since the biggie on March 11th.

One of the things we were told when we first arrived was that there would be a quake everyday while we were out in the work area.  It wasn't a "might" or a "maybe."  It was, "Plan on it.  It's gonna happen."

Being in the apartment with just #1 and me.  I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the whole thought.  I didn't know where anyone else was staying.  I was completely responsible for us, and I didn't have means of communication with anyone. 

Thankfully, this situation lasted for only a couple nights before more volunteers arrived and moved in with us.

When I go to the Japan quake website, I see that there were fourteen quakes during the time that we were in Japan (8/2-10; they have the dates set up so they read day/month/year).  We felt none of them.  Those that did happen were either far enough away from where we were located or of such a magnitude that we didn't feel them.

I guess there was a larger one the night after we left.  It woke some of the volunteers up, so it must have been a bit larger and a bit closer.

So relieved and grateful that we were safe.  I wish things would calm for the Japanese people, but that just doesn't look like part of what they can plan on for the time being.


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