Monday, October 10, 2011

Preparations for Wednesday Night

A number of weeks ago, #1 and I were asked to share some of our experiences in Japan for the women in our ward.  I'm excited to get to do this.  I'm working on a powerpoint presentation.  It's been so interesting to go back and relive some of the experiences we had.

Funny thing is yesterday, I was approached by the men and asked to present again on the 30th for the families of the ward.

I'm going to create two different presentations.  There is just so much to share and so many facets that this experience can be viewed from.

As I've been working on this, I've been searching the internet for more facts so I can give some background.  In doing so, I've found some things that have just fascinated me.

Here is one--photos of each day after the earthquake and tsunami.  The other is this:  a gentleman who journals each day of his life after the terrible ordeal.  I am truly fascinated by this man and his experiences.  Many of the Japanese people hold back and don't express things in an open forum like this man does.  I'm so impressed with his openness.  His last post was in June, but I think he's much more a Twitter kind of person.  I don't tweet, so I'm not privy to that information.  The other reason I'm so interested in this blog is that it's written by a man in Natori.  There are photos of the school where we made the lanterns, etc.

From his blog, I found a link to another blog.  Don't worry about not being able to read it--just look at the photos.  I was so THRILLED to see what happened to the lanterns we made after we left.  So glad they performed as they were intended to.  I hope they brought comfort to many there.


vaxhacker said...

Cool stuff! I can't wait to see the presentation on the 30th.

LeAnn said...

Wow, I am so happy you get to give these experiences to members of your ward. I admire you so much for going over there to help. The pictures and videos that you have put on your blog have been so revealing of the many things that went on in Japan. Thanks for the links; and I will look forward to learning how your powerpoint presentations went. I know they will be awesome.
Blessing to you and keep on enjoying your journey.

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