Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Saturday

"Morgan and I spent Thursday and Friday together. Morgan’s belly had become very swollen and distended; eventually his whole body was very puffy. They gave him a medication to help him move the fluid from his ‘third skin’ (the interstitial spaces or areas not within the cells). He had been storming for about seven hours no matter how they medicated him. His oxygen saturation levels dropped as low 65 several times. The nurse realized that his diapers were getting lighter, so they scanned his bladder, which was full. They called [Morgan's parents] who gave permission to use a catheter. As soon as the catheter was in place he calmed down. He had a few short storms this morning (Sat, 10/29), most of the time he is resting comfortably.

"[Morgan's parents] are taking BT to a Trunk or Treat* party tonight. They are trying to do fun things with BT, to make his life as normal as possible. BT has moved back in with Kate and me, so he can be closer to mom and dad.

"Yesterday was [Morgan's dad's] interview with Intel. He thinks it went well. [Morgan's parents] had a good break from the hospital.

"[Morgan's dad's] brother, flew in to spend a few days. It is good to see them together.

"*Trunk or Treat: neighbors get together in a parking lot, decorate their trunks and children walk from car to car, rather than door to door, more candy less walking dark streets. Arizona has low ambient light laws, so neighborhoods don’t have streetlights. It is VERY dark, but the night sky is beautiful, and there are no clouds."


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