Sunday, October 30, 2011


This past week was just a bit too insane.

Last night, I fell asleep watching a movie with #5.  This is something I never do.  It's been just one of those one thing after another after another after another kinds of weeks.

I woke at 5am and went upstairs.  I checked the time and decided that while the house was quiet, I'd go through the power point to get things ready for tonight.  It's amazing how quickly this whole exercise grabs my heart every time.

Kids started to wake up.

Next thing I knew, there was a phone call reminding me that I was supposed to be at a meeting.  Ugh!  Where had the time gone?

Well, I had fallen asleep in my jeans and hoodie the night before, so I was already dressed, I guess.  I contemplated changing, but decided I was already late, so what the heck.

Now that #2's party is over and soccer season is done and there is only one more cross country meet and tonight's fireside is over, I think I can breathe again. 

The delightful thing is now that all the Halloween costumes are taken care of, I don't think there's anything out of the ordinary this week.  It'll be nice to have life back to normal.


Lia London, author said...

You'll have the candy to keep you awake.....

Janiece said...

Oh my you said those words...back to normal!
Good Luck!

Alyson said...

Well that's not a bad beginning for the week!

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