Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strength from Surprising Sources

What first drew my attention to Morgan and his situation was my former sister-in-law.  One day on facebook I received a message from her asking me how I knew them.  I told her about my history with the family and growing up with them in the same ward.  I asked her the same question.  She wasn't raised in the church.  She shared with me the posts I shared with you yesterday.

She told me that her new husband grew up with them and he and Morgan's dad are best friends.  Morgan's dad was in their wedding party.  She said they, as a family, were just in Arizona visiting them in January.

Wow!  What a very small world we live in.

But....Here's where it gets interesting....

My former sister-in-law, had one child in her first marriage.  That child was born with a seizure disorder.  These are the things Morgan is going through right now.  She watched her son leave this life at a very young age.

Isn't it amazing how our Heavenly Father blesses our lives with friends who can truly empathize and support us in our times of greatest trial.

His love for us never ceases to amaze me.


LeAnn said...

This is so true! Thanks for the thoughts and blessings to you!

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