Friday, October 14, 2011

First Presentation

NOTE: This post was actually started on Thursday morning. I've just now finished it--a day later.

Wow!  Yesterday was NUTS!  I left one child in charge of finishing up dinner and watching the kids while I went to watch the oldest two kids run in their cross country meet.

When #1 was just about to start her race, I noticed that I'd missed a call from the kids at home on my cell, so I called.  While I was on the phone, a bit of an emergency occurred (no one was hurt, but someTHING was.  I'm sure I'll blog about this one later.  UGH!).  I got in the car, while #1 was running, ran home, got the kids in the car, and took back off for the meet.  We watched and cheered.

When the race was over, the coach wanted to meet with the team.  When that was over, we started to walk toward the car, but who should we run into but my old math teacher from junior high.  I had to introduce him to the crew.  We left him and got into the car.

That was when I noticed the time.  UUGGGGGHHH!  We had ten minutes until the meeting started.  I gave the kids their marching orders as we drove.  One kid was to run in and grab my helping hands t-shirt, one was to grab the laptop and one the projector.

Thankfully, dinner was completely ready for the kids when all was said and done, so that little bit of guilt was non-existent.  Phew!

We arrived at the church with about two minutes to spare.  I was stressed about the woman in charge and what she must be thinking.  As we walked in, women were standing around chatting.  Thank goodness we live in such a marvelous ward.  The sister in charge was just great.

#1 got everything set up, and we were off.  It really only took a matter of seconds.  I'm always afraid that I'm going to find myself without a vital cord or plug or something, but thankfully, this wasn't the case.  The display on the screen told the time up in the corner, so I was able to keep track of time and not go over.  That was a nice little perk too.

#1 went first.  She gave a little overview of our trip.  She shared the basics.  I was grateful for this.  I wasn't sure what she was going to share, but she was matter of fact and funny at the same time.  When all was said and done, I was glad she'd covered the travelog portion of the presentation because I didn't get through all the information I had.  I knew I wouldn't , but at least they knew what we'd done.

After #1, I started with the power point.  I gave the basics of the earthquake and tsunami and added "meat" to the "bones" #1 had provided in her intro.  I just let the photos guide me in what was shared.  Things went very smoothly.  I was surprised at how many points about Japanese religion and beliefs came out.  It ended up being a very sweet experience.

So, what lies ahead?  On the 30th, we present again.  I was glad not to get through the entire presentation for this reason.  This time, it will be for our entire ward.  I'm sure there will be a different flavor to what is shared and how it's shared.  I'm going to eliminate a few of the slides and streamline things.  I will also have Sister Asano's testimony completely translated by then, so it will be wonderful to share parts of her words with the ward.  She's such an inspirational person.  I love that she provided her feelings in written form.

It was nice to start out with such a great group of women to start this all with.  I'm looking forward to doing it again.


vaxhacker said...

Sounds like a great experience. We're so blessed to have people like you sharing with us!

Unknown said...

You know God's in charge when things seem to work out, even when we feel they are out of control.

God bless you and what you are doing Julie. Thanks for sharing this.

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