Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Another Food Post

We're having pasta salad tonight.  The reason being that I made WAY too much for last night's dinner.  Here's what we had.  It was simple and delicious, and I already had everything I needed for it on hand.

Amid the stress of the afternoon, I had to run out of the house, so I left #3 to make it, and she did a great job.  Wow!  I love my kids--have I told you that lately?

One thing, though, was that I added a bunch more garlic than it asked for.  I also cooked up the chicken in the crockpot for most of the day yesterday.  I think the garlic made a big difference, and I think I'd even add more next time.  I at least tripled what the recipe called for.  Oh yah, and I've run out of basil, so I used Italian seasoning in it.  You know, what might make it SUPER good next time is to throw in a packet of dry Italian salad dressing mix.  Maybe not an entire packet, but half, give it a taste, and throw in more if you think it needs it.  I'm going to give that a shot next time.

In other food news, we made chocolate waffles again last Friday morning--the kids were out of school.  My friend Meredith said she makes them with cake mix, so I guess you could say, like Bill Cosby, I served my kids chocolate cake for breakfast.  No one was complaining, believe me.

Last time I made them, I used a recipe.  This time I threw in a chocolate cake mix, 1/3 C. oil, 3 eggs and some water to make it the right consistency.  I then sprayed my waffle maker with cooking spray and went to town.

I'm still not quite sure what to put on them.  One of my kids did maple syrup, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I tried to make some peanut butter syrup by simply putting some peanut butter in a cup and melting it in the microwave for a few seconds (about 30), but it was TOO peanut buttery.  I can't believe I just said that.  I'm thinking a little bit of sugar added to it'll do the trick.

So, I think I've decided, just to add insult to injury, and to make me even more popular with my kids than Bill Cosby was with his, I'd do chocolate syrup on top with some whipped cream just to hit it out of the park.

So, tonight's pasta salad, I pretty much throw in whatever I want--mayo; celery; chopped onions; frozen peas; grated carrots; cubes of cheddar cheese; some kind of meat--tuna, chopped up ham, hard boiled eggs, whatever you have; salt; pepper; and the secret ingredient--a little bit of sugar (to taste).


John said...

This is weird, but I am so glad you don't eat all healthy everything. I've met so many raw food/ vegetarians recently. Glad to know I am not the only one that has to detox my families bodies from animal products.

I will have to try those cake mix waffles. That sounds like a fun saturday morning breakfast and maybe to make it just that much better I will make bacon to go on the side.

The Grahams said...

we quote that story from Bill Cosby ALL the time! One of our all time favorites!! The waffles sound delicious! Love reading your blog Julie!

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