Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kindness Begins with Who?

There's a children's song from church that goes like this (I hope the link works).

Well, this morning, it was our job to clean the church.  The Warden decided that we'd have to be there around 7am in order to have #4 at his soccer game by 8:30.  It was SO HARD to get the kids up and moving--don't even mentioned enthused--for this experience.  I drew the line with up and moving.

Before we even got to the church, I decided that we were going to re-write the above song.  It had to be something along the lines of....Kindness begins with you.  You must be kind to me, but I'm going to be grumpy to you.  I never got the words down just right.  Darn it!  But, I'm still working on it.

The more I sang it and messed around with the words, the crazier the song sounded, but doesn't it seem like that's what much of this world expects?  I'm going to be mean and unfair to you, but you'd better be nice to me.  Does that sound a little nuts to anyone else?

Of course, I know that kindness begins with me.  Does it start with you too? 


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