Thursday, October 13, 2011


As I was researching more for the Relief Society presentation, I found out that if I entered names of cities in kanji, I was able to pull up a whole new set of videos.

I had no idea that where the Asano's lived, in Higashi Matsushima, was closed off by water for three weeks after the tsunami.  Here's a video of when people were first able to enter again.

This next video was taken from the third floor of the school we worked at in Natori.  It's hard to conceive of the feelings the people must have had.  This school is so far away from the ocean, but I learned that because the landscape is so flat and the waves so amazingly high, there was nothing to stop it.  No one ever expected that this kind of thing would happen.

In this picture, we are parked in that same parking lot five months after the video was taken.  As you can see, the scenery has changed quite a bit from what it was.

this video was taken a month ago (a month after we returned).

I also found a blog I HAVE to share.  It's a first-hand account and could quite possibly be one of the only of its kind.


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