Thursday, October 2, 2008

Additional Information

So, I need to explain a little bit about yesterday's post having to do with my sister and Elder Marriott.

For those of you who don't know, my sister and I lived in the same household for all of about four months of my life. I came in on her coattails so to speak. She left for college just months after I was born. She was an only child for eleven years; I was raised in the midst of four brothers. She was raised by the young parents, I was raised by the already established, bugs all worked out parents. She was raised in the '50s and '60s, I was raised in the '70s and '80s. Totally different worlds.

Along with these differences, there have been times when my sister and I have gotten together and compared genetic notes--whose traits come from which gene pool. We have pretty much decided, I think, that physically I am my mom; she is my dad. Socially, we're kind of a weird mix. I'm social like my mom but not as organized or soft-spoken; in those ways, I am definitely my dad's side--his humor, his sense of justice (and the ability to speak out for it).

One thing that has been funny is the many times my sister has said that she can't get up and speak to a crowd or teach a lesson impromptu. I have no problem with this; again, my father's side. I remember my mom saying at one point that she was old enough that she hoped she would never have to speak in church again. It would just about do her in to have to speak in public.

So after pondering on yesterday's post, I have realized that I have found the thing that I would rather die than have to do. I am not an amazing housekeeper. I would love to bed, but don't even know where to begin (I'm open to suggestions). I ran across a blog yesterday of a woman who loves to clean her house. This, to me, is completely foreign.

The social part of me LOVES to have people drop in for visits unexpected, but those same people better not be very uppity; they'd better love me for me and not my clean house because most of the time I will let them down.

I remember as a child, picking kids up for Primary and seeing their messy house and feeling sorry for those kids. I don't think my house is THAT kind of messy. It's loved and lived in but not UGH messy. Someday, I'd love to be immaculate in my housekeeping skills. I'm just afraid that to get there I'd have to yell at and beat my children, and I refuse to do that. So, for now, I'm scared of fancy house guests.

Yes, my sister and I stood in different lines to gather talents and blessings before coming to this earth. Who's got the better bunch? I don't know, but I think you'd be surprised to find that we're sisters we're so different. The one thing we have in common is our sense of humor. We sometimes joke around that if you put us together, you'd have the perfect person.


vaxhacker said...

Fear of public speaking is apparently the #1 fear expressed by Americans in some study or other they quoted in a recent class I took. It outstripped dying in several horrific ways, creepy bugs, loneliness and a bunch of other things I'd have thought more scary, but not to most people I guess.

I'm not really big on the impromptu part (unless it's a topic I know well, and then you might not get me to shut up about it), but I don't seem to have much fear of public speaking. I am, however, married to a good lady who would probably prefer death over any sort of public speaking, so I'm learning to appreciate the legitimacy of that fear.

And I hear you on the housekeeping thing. (looking around my cubicle here at work) I... need to get a little better at that myself.

Carr Lot said...

I like the description of "ugh messy" I think it's a valid statement. My home can be messy - but "ugh messy" takes on a whole new meaning. I have been called "my father's daughter" (right down to his bowed legs haha) But I also got my mother's organizational tendencies... What great parent's to glean off of. I got lucky. : ) (I'll overlook the bow could be worse, right?) heehe

Anonymous said...

wow...this was cool getting to know you and your sista better!

i used to LOVE cleaning my house. Seriously..i was like addicted to it and very spazzy about it.

Spencer (my hubby) FINALLY got me to chill out about it...and NOW i dont' like it at all.

i still do it cuz i will go crazy if my house is a mess. really. i will. but i sure as shootin don't like it no mo! i wish i did....

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