Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Days in a Row?

Nope. Sorry to let you all down. Dinner's not cooking yet, but at least I'm thinking about it, huh?

I spoke with my sister in Indiana today. She's the best! She's beautiful and smart and everything I want to be. So, get this....Here I am stressing about food for my fam for tonight, right? Well, her hubby was just called as a stake president less than a year ago, and their stake conference is coming up in November. They have a G.A. coming. It will be, get this, Bill Marriott. You know CEO of Marriott International? Yah. Yikes! So, she's now wondering if she gets to put him (and his wife, I'm assuming) up at her home (my sister's home is beautiful, so that's not a problem. She has no kids at home and an extra room or two, so that's not a problem either), but she's definitely going to have to do a fancy, schmancy dinner.
Okay, so she's my HERO! Never!!! Never in my life, could I ever do something like THAT!

We weren't raised in fancy wealth. My dad was an auto mechanic and my mom was an at home mom until I was in jr. high. We did fine, I don't remember ever not having anything I needed, and my parents would take us out to eat every so often so we'd learn good manners at nice places, but man, oh man!


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean!

and i bet they will LOVE just being with you! you are so much fun!!!!

Tonya said...

And I bet Bill Marriot loves to experience real life with real folk. That would be a fun experience.

Dolly said...

You and your sister is so lucky!! I hope you can tell us more about their visit.

trublubyu said...

just found your blog through i can't remember where, but here i am.

so what, brother marriott can't get a hotel room or something? jk

that would be an amazing experience. good luck to your sister.

Carr Lot said...

LOL @ trublubyu! That was funny! If anyone can handle this, it's my mom. She's amazing. So poised, polished, and an all around classy lady. But she does tend to stress...we'll keep her in our prayers!

Hesses Madhouse said...

So, for any of you that don't know and can't tell from the comments, Jenny is my niece--my fave, but don't tell anyone (hee hee) even if she does call me "Crazy Aunt Julie," or maybe that's why. That kind of title gives a person a lot of license don'cha think?

It does sound like he's not going to stay with them, but she was so unstressed about it it just cracked me up! I totally agree "poised and polished" would describe my sister. It would describe her youngest daughter too.

As for me, "Crazy Aunt Julie" just kind of fits. For which I'm grateful! I'm not totally not joking here.

Carr Lot said...

Okay, funny sidenote. He is staying at a Fairfield Inn (by Marriott) Can you just imagine the staff of that Inn? Better be on point, that's for sure! : )

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