Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thirteen Years!

Saturday morning we cleaned the house like freaks! Running all over; getting it all done. The house looked pretty good when we left, but Q stayed home from soccer with T, so that T could nap and she could finish the cleaning for her party that night. She did a marvelous job.

Funny thing, it was her party when it was G's birthday. It was the avoiding homecoming party.

For G's birthday, we went to ComedySportz in NW Portland on Friday night. It was so fun! There were some things that had me busting a gut! I've decided that that is the perfect place to go when things get too stressful and you start to lose your humor for life. We have two favorite comedians there--John "Deere" Mechalas and Amy "Zing" Gray. They were sooo funny!

So back to Saturday morning, after cleaning, I drove G to WinCo to get his birthday lunch--calzones from the pizza place in the store (our favorite). On the way, it was nice to have it just me and him. I told him how much I love him and what a blessing it is to be his mom and how amazing I think he is. He's unlike any boy I know. I really only got about two sentences out and got choked up. Tears started flowing, but he didn't know that.

My kids think I never cry. Oh, if they only knew. I used to stand at G's cribside when he was an infant and cry because of how fast he was growing and feeling so mournful about losing each little stage of him as he's grown. One night, I picked him up as he slept and held him to me and sobbed. Funny. I have six kids, but none of them have I felt this for as much as I have G. I quietly wiped the tears away as I sat there in the car. There was so much else I wanted to tell him. Danged emotions!

So, we arrived at WinCo. We always get the chicken club and the Italian calzones (highly recommended for anyone who's interested). We also picked up some cupcakes for his team after the game. He's too old for after game treats now, which I'm not sad about in the slightest, but this made it a special treat for the boys. I asked G as we left how much of a deal he wanted me to make of his birthday because I assured him I was happy to make as big of a ruckus as he wanted, but he asked that I keep it kind of quiet. Darn!


The Garver Family said...

Julie, I have been there with the sobbing thing and can relate that it happened only with Austin. It's not that I haven't missed that about the other ones, just that it hit me hard at that moment, too. Sounds like he had a great day though. :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy b-day to HIM! that is a fabulous day for a birthday.
i do the crying thing too. only i'm really public about it.

i was gonna say we should arrange a marraige between your son and my daughter. hee hee like that would fly?! but how fun would that be? FUN!
she is 9 and he's 13, almost perfect.crazy coincidences.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Him....i hope he has a great day! Eat Some Cake for ME!!!!


my kids freak out when i dry cu i hardly ever do!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love that header!

brenda said...

Fun blog, Julie! I notice you have several. Happy Birthday to Gannon. He is a very special boy. And I can relate to having a 13 year-old who wants no attention for special days.

Darilyn said...

What a fun birthday. You are a great mom Julie.

vaxhacker said...

Happy Birthday to G! Comedy Sportz was a lot of fun, as usual! (So was the after-hours show that night.)

Mikki said...

So sweet. It IS so hard to watch them get older. Hope he had a great birthday!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi!

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