Friday, October 10, 2008

Gone, Baby! Gone

I'm wondering if you notice a common theme in these pictures. All I can say is my how things have changed.

I took T in for his 18 month appointment awhile back. The doctor asked if I had any questions about him. I told her no but embarrassedly said, "He does still have a binky."

Very nonplussed, she replied, "There are a lot of adults I'd like to see with one of those in their mouths instead of cigarettes or other things."

I remember other physicians asking when I was planning on getting rid of my child's pacifier in the past, and I would quickly make plans and go home and do so. I know with youngest children, parents have a tendency, because he/she's the youngest, to baby that child. Being I think T has held onto his binky longer than any of my children.

Last Sunday evening, I was kicking back on the couch. It was T's bedtime. I turned to Z and asked if he would take T up to bed. This is unusual in our house. I am the bedtime choreographer.

Z went and did. After he got up there, I heard him holler, "I need an aya." Aya is the word for binky in our house, thanks to T. Well, we sent everyone on a mad scramble to find it, but it couldn't be found. Z said, "Well, I guess he's going to cry for awhile because I can't seem to find one." And that's just what T did.

He stopped after a little while. I went upstairs and then I knew why he'd stopped. I could hear the low voice of my husband humming from behind T's closed door.

Well, all it really took was that one night. He has done fine without since then. I was so glad that I asked Z to take him to bed that night because I would have searched until I'd found one just so I wouldn't have to hear T cry.

Oh, by the way, the next morning I found the last remaining aya.


Anonymous said...

i remember when libby was ADDICTED to her pacifier!!! ughhhhh!!!!

she was 2 when she finally stopped that habit and I remember that day very clearly!!!

'twas a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Great job, both of mine still love their pacis' I dread the day.

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