Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayer List

I've read a couple blogs the past few days that have made me sit and sob. I hope these two women don't mind my linking them here, so we can all combine our prayers in their behalf.

First, please pray for Emilie. She was my neighbor when I was a kid. We were in the same grade at school. She's a very intelligent person and is one of the purest souls I have ever met. She is battling cancer right now and raising two very cute little boys, ages 2 and 7 months. I hope you'll keep her in your prayers as she is trying to discover the causes for and deal with a new trial.

Second, there is a blog I read frequently and sometimes participate in a blog parade she runs every Monday. I think she is an astounding woman--lives in Mexico and is doing a beautiful job raising nine children. This past weekend they had an experience that she shared on her blog this morning. I appreciate her sharing it. It got me thinking about how much we take for granted. I hope you will keep this family, and especially their little Johnny in your prayers.

Oh, one more, please don't forget Sadie....Never forget Sadie. Our family ordered the wristbands that Sadie's parents mail out--amazing family! I read her blog, and it puts life back into perspective. We all wear our bands everyday. Whenever we look at them, they remind us to say a little prayer for Sadie. The first time we gathered for family prayer after receiving the bands, it caught me completely off-guard to hear Brevin pray for Sadie, this little girl he'd never met. She is now a regular part of what we pray for. Oh how we take so much for granted.

I appreciate these people who share so much of themselves and enrich the life of my family and others by doing so. Thank you to all of you who share yourselves--your talents, your skills, your strengths and your weaknesses. I, for one, am a better person because of you.


Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Julie, you are such a special person. You brought a lump into my throat, darnit, and it hurts because I have a sore throat! I can't tell you how much it means to me all of the sweet things you say on my blog and about me on your blog. I always look so forward to getting your comments because they are so heartfelt and always make my day. I wish I could meet you in person. I think you and your family need to plan a trip to Mexico! Thank you again for passing along a request for prayers for Johnny. Thank goodness he is doing much better and is almost completely recovered. I also appreciate the advice you gave after reading my blog to your husband. Our doctor did not diagnose Johnny with asthma, but did give him a steriod at the time of the treatment. He said once he recovers completely, he would like to do some diagnostic testing to see what caused this and how to prevent it in the future. Thank you again for that great advice and I will remember it. My aunt, who is a nurse, also told me that Albuterol wasn't good for kids if they don't have asthma, so I will try to stay away from that and get an official diagnosis soon.

Have a GREAT day, Julie!

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet of you Julie! ♥ you truly have such a big and sweet heart.

big hugs!!!

Emilie said...

Julie, I don't mind at all that you mention me on your blog. It means a lot to me that you are praying for me and encouraging me as you do. I was thinking of you last week, especially when we drove past your old house on Havencrest. :) It's been a true blessing to reconnect with you!

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these other blogs! I too love to to read Sadie's blog to keep my perspective. It is amazing the strength these families have in the face of adversity... very humbling.

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