Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alone Time

For many years, the Warden had callings in church that kept him gone to meetings on Thursday nights.  The kids'd go to bed, and I'd be up watching E.R. and all the other great shows that Thursdays had to offer.  It was a fun time, and I kind of miss it, to be honest.

Tonight, the three oldest kids are helping at a soup kitchen with the youth from church, #4 is at scouts, and the three youngest are bathed and in bed.  I am sitting here alone with nothing but time on my hands.  It's lovely!!!

Today, I did coupons and got the grocery shopping organized.  I got most of it done--have to go back to Safeway tomorrow to finish, but that's okay cuz there's an eclair at the end of that rainbow.  Anyway, it took most of my time, and I only got one load of laundry done.  I've been such a slacker!

After my last post, I received a facebook message from a friend in regard to vitamin D and its effect on mood.  I was taking some extra D with my daily multi-vitamin, but it ran out a few days ago.  I was wondering why I was lacking in motivation so much.  I'm wondering if that smaller amount of vitamin D might be causing my problem.  I think I'm going to have the Warden pick some p for me on his way home tonight.  I really don't like how life has been lately (not really "life" exactly, just me in life--just dragging).

So, the other thing I used to do on Thursday evenings was, as the commercials came on during episodes, I would run and straighten a room as quickly as I could and get back to the show as soon as the ad was over.  I think I'm going to have to set myself a timer or something tonight.  I got the upstairs cleaned, so now to work on the kitchen, front room, and family room.

I'm not the kind that can just bask in the alone-ness.  I'm just a bit too much of a spazz.  I can't seem to sit still and just drink it all in.  Too many things that need to be done run through my brain.

What do you do when you have time like this?


Matt Gold said...

Usually I read or spend way too much time on the computer.

Lately the documentaries I find on Netflix have been kinda fun to watch. Last night I learned all about the Taliban.

I'd love to find out what more you learned about Vitamin D and mood.

Matt Gold said...

oops! it's me, Tonya:)

Jo Tapasa said...

Too much on the brain, like you...or waste the time on the computer. Perhaps you need to re-visit Joey from "Friends" when you set your phone alarm to his "How you doing?"...As a matter of fac, I am gonna go get off my butt and play that game myself! Thanks for the "nudge"...unbeknownst to you! HA!

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