Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to Wear

I am the first to admit that I am a walking fashion faux pas.  I haven't a clue what to wear.  If you saw the photos of my closet in the earlier post, you probably noticed that things are very monochromatic. 

Yup!  Black shoes.
I was teased in elementary school by some of the popular girls for what I wore.  It was at that point that I learned that black and white go with everything, so that's what I turned to--safety.  That's what I've stayed with.

I've gotten to a point in life where I should probably start giving a rip.  I admire those who know just what to wear in every situation.  I would love to become one of those...someday.

For now, here are my upcoming fashion ordeals opportunities:
  • Family and individual photo shoot on Saturday--what's best to wear for this kind of thing?
  • The luncheon for the mother of the year thingy (am I okay to call it that?)  I'm still a bit shy about it.
  • The gala for same said thingy.
I know that many of you that read my babblings know SO much more about this kind of stuff.  Can you help me out?  I'd absolutely LOVE you for it.  Thanks!!!


sim only said...

this is an good oppertunity to develop the fashion carrier

Darilyn said...

The words that jumped out at me were "luncheon" and "gala". For a luncheon you will be fine wearing a skirt or slacks. "Gala" says to me "dressed up". Is this Gala in the evening? If so, I would wear the nicest dress you have and glam it up with some jewelry. Raid your girlfriend's closets to get other choices to wear. I'd let you raid mine but they would hang on you like a potato sack. As far as the photo shoot, what is your favorite color? Do you like purple? This summer we did a family photo with all of Chris' family and we all wore purple or black. It could be any shade of purple. I love the picture.

Tonya said...

If you are still stressing about what to wear I am happy to come over and help you out or a trip to the mall could be fun as well. Let me know what you decide!!!

Heather said...

For the photo shoot it depends what you want - casual or dressy - but I'd say to pick 3 colors and have everyone wear one of those or a mix of them if you have it. My family did one with browns, blues and whites and Mark's family did one with dark grays, teals, tans and some accents of burgundy.
For the luncheon get some straight leg trousers - khaki or navy would be nice- with a button up shirt and then a cardigan or fitted jacket.
For gala it depends - is there a dress code? A nice black dress usually works for those sorts of things though.
Anyway, those are my thoughts and I'm always up for a shopping trip too!

vaxhacker said...

Life's too short to worry about fashion. Wear something you like. If a moment's whimsy strikes you, dress up in some interesting colors. Or not.


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