Sunday, February 20, 2011

What are You Going to Do with Your Day Off?

Tomorrow is President's Day.  No school!!!  We knew we wanted to do something together as a family day but have to wait until #2's basketball practice is over.  I also have a little shopping for a fancy dress experience planned.

Just like last time we had a day off, we drew some family activities from our little bowl during family council today.  I'm putting these here, so if you've come up with that quandary of what to do, you can use any of these ideas if you'd like.

Each child picked one randomly with his/her eyes closed.  We ended up with family karaoke, hike to Council Crest, Skateworld, visit to Grandma's house (not possible), Valley Theatre, Voodoo Donuts, pictionary with playdough, and the Jantzen Beach Carousel.

We all decided that the Valley Theatre was out because all that they're showing tomorrow that would be appropriate for our family was Yogi Bear.  Worth spending that much money on?  I don't think so.  That narrowed us down to six choices.  We could even do a combination of them.

After voting, we decided on the carousel.  Here's the low-down on the Carousel.

If we had decided to do the playdough thing, I was going to make playdough for us to use.  The store-bought stuff gives me a headache.  If you choose to do that one, here's my recipe (super easy, but that's what I'm all about):

In a pan, mix:
  1 C. Flour
  1/2 C. salt
  2 Tbsp. cream of tartar
  2 Tbsp. oil
Slowly add:
  1 C. water
  Food coloring as desired (optional)
Cook over medium heat, stir til dough is stiff.  Turn onto wax paper and let cool.  Knead til proper consistency.

Happy President's Day to you!  Hope you enjoy your time with your family.


Annette said...

You have a Voodoo Donuts nearby?! I'm so jealous!

Sounds like a fun day planned! My kids like the scented play-doh recipe that my sister gave me, although the last time I made it, the kids got into a contest to see if the chocolate scented one actually tasted like chocolate, lol!

Have a fun President's Day!

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