Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I SO called it!  The Warden is an "Acts of Service" kind of guy--big time.  Had the older kids do the Love Language assessment for kids last night.  Most of them (all but one) are highest and pretty balanced in "Quality Time" and "Words of Affirmation"--same as me.  But there is one that is "Physical Touch" and "Gifts."  Huh!  Figures.  These are my lowest two.  Those of you who know my children can probably guess which child this is.

I'm now knowing that for this particular child to be truly happy and to feel that needs are met, I'm going to have to sacrifice and become comfortable being more affectionate and giving little things to this particular child more frequently.

I thought Inmate #1, being the eldest, would match with her father more, who is also an oldest child.  It was interesting to see that, for her, "Acts of Service" scored a 1.

#3 was so fascinated by this whole exercise that she gathered everyone's scores and put them together in one place.  We're, most of us, very similar, but there are just a couple who are going to make me think a bit more about how I act.


Julia Shinkle said...

Is inmate #3 physical touch, just wondering because she gave me a hug goodbye the other day? : ) It melted my heart that is for sure!

I have read that book. And I agree with you about the humor one needing to be added because it is my husbands love language for sure.

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