Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vitamin D

When I took my kids to the pediatrician a few months back, she told me about all the research that's being done on vitamin D and its effects on kids.

I started that day to give supplements to my kids.

In the past three weeks, one of my children, the one who struggles the most, has had amazing reports come home from his teacher.  He has had three stellar weeks.  Now, two things have happened in that time...1) his seating was changed in the classroom, and  he now sits next to his good friend who is an excellent student and great example for him, and 2) he has been taking vitamin D.

So, now the big question.  Is my son growing up and becoming more responsible all on his own?  Is he being highly influenced to do good things by this friend?  Is he benefiting from taking additional vitamins?  Could it just be the results of all three working together?

Has anyone else tried this with great results like this?

Not only is this child succeeding at school, he is also really on top of things here at home.  He comes home and gets right on task.  He gets everything ready for the next day, so he's ready to leave the house.  He even has time to play and do the things he enjoys in the evening.  It's really a wonderful change!


Tonya said...

About two years ago I just wasn't feeling myself and decided to go to the doctor about it. She said she wanted to test me for some vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D being one of them. I told her that i took a women's multi vitamin everyday and drank tons of milk. Sure enough, when my results came back I was deficient in Vitamin D. So I take supplements as well. And I definitely notice a difference.

I have a child who is struggling right now with some things...I had never thought to try Vitamin D. I think I will.

Kim said...

I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but thanks for letting me glimpse at your life. You make me laugh as I realize (very gratefully) that I'm not alone in my daily challenges. Actually, I think I've commented here once before. Anyway, I always thought I had plenty of Vit. D in my system because I drink a ton of milk everyday, eat yogurt etc. But I was extremely deficient when my doctor checked. Taking Vit D changed everything. I'm not so tired or cranky or sad. It's much easier to get my housework etc done everyday. It's a life saver! But I've never tried it with my kids. I have one who I think I might try it with though. I guess I just never thought about my kids needing a supplement.

Darilyn said...

It's so ironic that I read this today. A. Because I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. B. Because I have a child that struggles tremendously with all sorts of stuff. C. Because I am having a rotten afternoon/evening and have been crying for an hour. D. I bought some Vitamin D earlier today because of "A" above.

I think I'll go take one. and give one to my middle child.

Janiece said...

Very interesting...very very interesting.

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