Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Languages

I'm not well versed on the Love Languages, but I read a book about it a few years ago and took a quiz.  The results were fascinating!  Here's a link for you if you want to take an assessment yourself.  I am a quality time kind of person--WAY quality time.  My second is words of affirmation.  I am not a gift person at all.  Stuff just doesn't mean a lot to me.

When the Warden took this assessment a few years ago, he was an acts of service person.  I can't remember what his second was, but I think it was physical touch.  These two rank in the middle for me.

Anyway, it was an interesting assessment and spoke volumes about how we communicate and can improve in our communication with each other.

In my mind, there should be another love language, and I think both the Warden and I would agree on this one and it would rank the highest for both of us.  That would be humor.

I feel loved when someone simply smiles at me.  It lifts my spirits and makes me feel connected to that person.  They don't have to tell me jokes or make me laugh even; although, those things are pretty great too.

The people I love the most and feel connected to the most are those that are upbeat and happy.  Maybe that's the same for all of us.  I don't do serious very well.
Yesterday, at church, I gave a talk, so I had to sit up on the stand (haha!  "Sit" on the "Stand"--sorry, dumb joke.  Some days everything's funny).  I got to sit next to my good friend's husband.  He is HILARIOUS!  I was so grateful to get to sit next to him.  He calls me "Jules Verne."  That's pretty great!  Anybody that can come up with a dumb nickname like that and pull it off is pretty super in my book.  I loved that I felt so at ease just because I knew if I screwed up too badly we'd both make a joke out of it and laugh about it, so it was all going to be okay.

So, what do you think?  Is everyone else the same way?  Would you rather meet up with someone who makes you smile and laugh, or would you rather have quality time or some kind of service done for you in order to feel loved?


Anonymous said...

i think your Sit on the Stand joke was cute! :) you made me laugh!!!

i like to be around up-beat people, too. people that whine and complain pretty much get on my last nerve.... and pretty quickly, too.

i hope you have a Very Happy Valentine's day!!!

vaxhacker said...

C and I did the 5 Love Languages thing many years ago. It was eye-opening in that we always seem to give love/like/appreciation/affection signals in the forms we respond to, but the other person may be interpreting something entirely different as love (etc).

And that she and I have entirely different languages :)

But I hear ya... I love to laugh and be around people who don't take life *too* seriously all the time. When I was single and living alone, my cable TV was on Comedy Central more often than about anything else, as I recall.

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