Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chaos or Calm - It's a Choice

It's 9:30am, and I'm still in my pajamas.  I don't have to run off and get #6, so I'm not in a big hurry.  No preschool on Wednesdays, so I keep him busy on my computer while I get the grocery list ready and coupons figured out.  Later we'll hit the library and get some grocery shopping done. 

Tonight we're having this.  I tried this one from the same site the other night.  It was SO YUMMY!  We served it on  mashed potatoes, though.

A pink one would be perfect!
I also tried these yesterday.  I messed up on them a little bit--left out the egg, so I put it in after I'd already kneaded it.  I also don't have a fancy Kitchenaid on my counter, so I tried to use my mixer.  I killed it.  I had to knead the egg in by hand.   Eww, messy!  They were yummy, but I'm going to give this a try again.   Time to start saving money or begging for a Kitchenaid.

The Warden's coming down with a cold--or something.  He doesn't dabble in just regular old germs like the rest of us.  If germs are going to go to the trouble of infecting his 6'6" body, they mean business.  So, rarely is it limited to just the sniffles. 

As we went to bed last night, I could hear the furnace working.  I asked him if I could turn the thermostat down.  He asked if I'd "please" leave it turned up.  He thinks it will somehow help him not get sicker.  Hmm.  Not so sure if that's true.  I asked him how high he had it, and he had it higher than we have during the day.  I told him we'd be roasting in the middle of the night.  He went back downstairs and turned it down a few degrees.

At 1a.m., I was absolutely sweating.  I went downstairs and turned it down a couple more degrees.  This morning, when I woke up, the house was perfect in warmth.  When I asked the Warden what he thought, he agreed.

The one down point of this perfectly warm home is that none of us wanted to get out of bed--including Miss I've-Got-to-be-in-Class-at-6:30, so she missed class.  The Warden got all snazzy in his suit and headed out to a meeting, so I had to take the kids to the high school.  At this point, I'm still in my jammies.  I threw on a sweatshirt and headed out the door. 

The windshield was frozen over--29 degrees fahrenheit, so we sat there and waited.  It was then that I realized that #1 wasn't in the car.  We left without her.  As I'm sitting on the main road to the high school, suddenly a flagger jumps out of nowhere and places a "stop" sign in front of me.  Timing is everything.  I'm at a stoplight anyway, so her sign in front of me really serves no purpose.  As the light changes, she waves me on to move in kind of a grumpy way, but the car in front of me hasn't moved, so I can't go.

As this happened, I noticed that most of the time, if I was unshowered and in my pajamas at 7:30am, I'd be really put out, and the entire morning would be ruined.  As I saw how grumpy this woman was, in contrast, I realized how calm and happy I was feeling.

I dropped #2 at the high school and took off for the elementary school with #s 4 and 5.  I, then, rounded back around to get #1.  Her missing the ride and causing me another trip just means that she gets to do extra work for me when she gets home, so I'm all good with that (see this post).

Funny that I'm moving like a slug, and I'm perfectly okay with it.  I'm going to get the rest of the left half of my closet done too, but first, I'm getting a brownie in a mug--just to keep my happy mood going.  HeeHee.


Alyson said...

I'm so proud of you! Let contentment and peace reign. Well done!

ailinh said...

Wow. You had quite a day. But great attitude though! Love it.

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