Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessional

I'm in today.  Hoping if I confess a little bit, I might feel a bit happier.


Here goes:

I confess:
  I started this post early this morning.  It's now 9:42pm (Pacific Time)

I confess:
I'm on a self-destruction kick as far as eating goes--just not eating right.

I confess:
I had a dream last night that we had another baby, and I was very happy about it.

I confess:
I have four boxes of random stuff in my house that I need to get through, but I don't want to, so I haven't even touched them.  I'm more stubborn than anyone I know--except for one of my children.

I confess:
I love redoing my header and blog background.  I probably make people crazy with the frequent change.

I confess:
I feel like I've become really serious lately.  I'm not one to just gripe about something without trying to find the cause and thus the cure. So, I've decided that there are many factors that could be affecting this. It could be any or all of the following:
Lack of sunshine
Missing my mom
No time for me
Worried about Young Mother of the Year stuff
My calling

I confess:
I don't know when to use "affect" vs. "effect," and you know what, I don't really care to figure it out.

I confess:
I love the blinking yellow turn signals they've installed in Beaverton.  They make me happy.
I hate it when someone sits at a blinking yellow turn signal but stays behind the line instead of in the intersection.

I confess:
There are two people in particular that I'm trying my best to avoid lately--that's all I'm going to say about that. Why might need to be next week's confession.

I confess:
I've never read a book like the one I had to read for class this past week.  I always get to smutty parts and skip over it.  This one was mild, but I realized that I'm glad I'm a skipper.  That kind of stuff is just to personal.  It's like sitting in the corner of someone else's bedroom--EEEKKK!!!

    There are my deep, dark secrets for the week.  Are you surprised?  Not really, huh?  Kind of average, everyday, boring kind of stuff.  It was kind of fun to list it out, though.  I don't know that I've had stuff to confess before.  So, now that you know what's in my heart, be nice to me, okay?


    vaxhacker said...
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    vaxhacker said...

    Wow, PostSecret came two days early this week!

    I have to say, I could have confessed many of those same things myself. I've been feeling the weight of a number of things lately. It used to be I couldn't write a blog post without at least a couple of comments, sometimes tens or twenties of them. Now you can just hear the crickets chirping... I blame FaceBook, I know it's the change in social media. But it's impossible not to feel it's personal on some level.

    I regained too much weight after reaching my goal and I'll be darned if I don't get into destructive kicks where I just keep eating what I know I shouldn't. Aaaaaaaargh.

    Finances? check. Boxes of stuff to go through? Don't get me started.

    I love your blog changes. Not so much every thing you pick, but the fact that you keep it fresh and interesting. That appeals to the ADHD kid in me. If I only had time to do that with mine...

    Want me to tell you jokes until you lighten up?

    I confess... I'm probably someone who annoys you on both the affect/effect and the blinking light issue.

    Wear something strikingly unique and unexpected to the luncheon. A purple suit? Dress like Mary Poppins? Pippi Longstockings?

    Seriously, we have to get you and Z and C and I together for dinner sometime soon for some mutual cheering-up and general eating, drinking and merry-making ... un... less... we're the two people you're... avoi....

    I suppose I could confess that I don't skip past some of those parts of books as much as I probably ought to, though, so you're a better person than I am I guess. Or the books I read aren't that steamy.

    I note you didn't say NINP after your dream :)

    Hesses Madhouse said...

    I got off the computer and went to fold a massive pile of laundry at midnight. As I folded, I started rethinking some of my confessions, so I edited this list. I guess I'm not completely real. I try to be, but I'm feeling a bit insecure in a lot of areas. Maybe in a future Friday Confessional, I'll expose more. For now, here's what I'm comfortable with. Vaxhacker has read the entire list. I know him personally and trust him, so I'm comfortable with that.
    @Vax - Thanks for being my friend and taking the good with the bad and still being my friend.
    Definitely--the dinner thing...soon.

    Jen said...

    I must say this was hysterical to me. I kept laughing, not at you, but at me because I totally saw myself in everything you confessed! I thought "I have a clone somewhere in the USA". Haha. But I only have 2 kids and I would NOT be happy about a dream being pregnant again. LOL. I'm like you about the header thing. I don't change mine, but I love to create and be creative. Maybe that's why I have fun creating my websites, but don't spend too much time there. Have a wonderful day.

    Jef said...

    legally speaking, you're not supposed to enter the intersection until you are able to make the turn. If you think about it, you'll be glad you're not sitting in the intersection on the day that an emergency vehicle comes screaming through the intersection with lights and sirens on and broadsides your beast of a van. (which I love, by the way.)

    Don't go through the random stuff, make a game out of it with your kids. Have the warden box and gift wrap one item for each kid, give it to them and then have them try to explain why they got it. Do it often enough and pretty soon you'll have no more boxes full of stuff.

    Eating poorly has more to do with depression than you might realize. Don't get down on yourself for your eating habits, you seem to be really healthy and you have a husband who will love you no matter whether you weigh 135, or 145, so don't stress about it. Your friends all love you because you're such an awesome person anyway ... not because you can run a mile in 3.54 minutes.

    Have a good day!!!

    Hesses Madhouse said...

    Jef, I did some more studying, and found that what I was always taught about being an "assertive" driver and entering the intersection during a blinking yellow is wrong. Wow! That stinks. But, you are right.

    Eating poorly might also have something to do with running around like a crazy woman and not having an extra moment to make something healthy to eat.

    Thanks for the nice things you said. I stand corrected in many areas.

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