Friday, September 9, 2011

Could We Be onto Something?

I've been a bit stressed about how to keep a very active four-year-old busy while I study.  Thank goodness for little pushes in the directions we need to go.

Today, he asked if he could play on the old computer.  I was hesitant but then realized that if I set him up right next to me, we'd be set.  I hate having the kids with screens in front of their faces too much, so I really am a stickler about when they can use them.  I definitely don't want them using them without supervision.

So, right now he's on the floor next to me with the laptop.  I've set links on the toolbar for just the right places he can go.  He doesn't need to type in addresses, and they're set to the exact pages.  For example, he wanted Netflix, so I set it so that he ends up on the page with movies for 2-4 year olds.

The links I set for him are Sesame Street, PBS kids, Nick Jr., Starfall, ABC Mouse, Funbrain, Poptropica and Netflix.

So far so good.  He's enjoying his down time, and I'm getting some quality study time in. 

The agreement is that when I'm done, he's done, and hopefully we'll both lay down and take a bit of a snooze.


Julia Shinkle said...

Hey Julie don't forget about the church website too...Avery played on it this afternoon.

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