Monday, September 12, 2011

New Project--Just Keep 'Em Coming

Two weeks ago, we were sitting writing to the missionaries--something we do every two weeks--when our own ward's missionaries came by.  They're great guys!  While we were sitting talking, we mentioned what we were doing and started laughing about some of #6's letters.  One of our elders, the one who's been out longer, commented that he would love to receive letters like that and that he rarely hears from his family.  We were so sad to hear him say that.  He's a great missionary.  He works so hard.

I was fortunate to receive letters each week on my mission.  Neither of my parents ever missed a week.  I can't imagine what it must be like to go for two years without a letter of support from home.

When we started writing missionaries on a regular basis a number of years ago, we had just enough missionaries out from our own ward for each member of our family to write one.  As time went on, they started returning home, and we started running short on missionaries to write to, so we have gone different routes to find new missionaries.

Yesterday, we chose a random mission to contact to find out if they had some missionaries that weren't receiving much mail.  A sister from the mission contacted me this morning via phone.  She asked for my email address and said she'd send me some names.  I told her I needed two.  She sent me six.

After sending the email, the sister called me again.  She said, "I know you asked for two, but we had six.  We just hope you know someone else who might want to write.  The holidays are coming up and it's such an important time for the missionaries to feel love and support."

Thus, the beginning of a new project.  Child #3 is working on achieving her Young Womanhood Recognition Award.  She has a few 10-hour projects yet to accomplish.  This has become one of them.  We are calling it the "Adopt a Missionary" project.

She is searching for individuals or families who would be interested in writing to a missionary twice a month.  We have tips and tricks that make it SUPER easy.  We are happy to share those ideas with anyone who would like to take on a missionary.  We figure right now we have four Elders that need letters, but we have it in the works to get more.  If you're interested in committing to write to a missionary or two or three on a regular basis, let me know.  We'll set you up.



Darilyn said...

Hi Julie, we would love to do this. Email me the info through FB and we will get started.

Kati said...

I would love the tips and tricks since we will soon be writing to our own missionary! Levi leaves for the MTC on Feb. 1st, so hard to believe!

Hesses Madhouse said...

Thanks Darilyn! I've messaged you.

Kati! I can't believe it!!! Wow! That's so exciting. I will send you a message through facebook. Where is Levi off to?

Cynthia said...

You know, now that Calista is home, I am plum outta missionaries to write! Please sign me up, I would love to. And also please send me ideas, because otherwise I would just write them illustrious pictures of fiction of my life as a secret spy.

Jeanette said...

I could probably adopt a missionary as long as they don't mind hearing about the smiles of a two month old. It would mean they'd get letters from Canada, a "foreign" country!

Hesses Madhouse said...

Perfect Jeanette! I'll send you a message on facebook.

Tonya said...

I love this project!

Please count us in. It looks like your messaging peeps on FB.

This is exciting. And it makes me sad to hear that about one of our elders as well:(

smiliesar said...

I would love to get my little kids in on this. Let me know if you need more help: sarahlewis97030 at yahoo dot com

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