Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elmo? Who's That?

Took #7 in for a check-up at the doctor's office this afternoon.

She did wonderfully.  While there, the doctor gave her a sticker with a picture of Elmo on it.  You know, Elmo from Sesame Street?  The doctor asked, "Does she know who Elmo is?" 

I thought about it for a second, realizing that we don't have a T.V., but then I remembered, we have an Elmo costume from a few Halloweens ago that sits in our dress up box in the toy closet.  I said, "Oh yah.  We have an Elmo costume."

The doctor was shocked (in a good way) that #7 only knew Elmo from a costume.  As she handed the sticker to #7, and she said, "Oh, Elmio."

As we walked out of the clinic, #7 kept sticking up her arm and saying, "Arm."  Then she'd pat her head and say, "Head."  It was like she was trying to explain to me all that had happened during her visit.

I love this age and the language development that happens.

Oh, just a couple more discoveries, language-wise....
Any guy riding a motorcycle is "dude."
Socks are known as "pretties."  As of yesterday she knows how to put them on by herself.  Yay!

Tonight before I put her to bed, #6 came running in and said, "Wait.  I want to sing my best song to her."  He proceeded with "I had a tiny turtle.  His name was Tiny Tim, and I put him in the bathtub, and I seed if he could swim...."

It's been a good mom day.  You know, I really think that pretty much everyday is a good mom day.  That's what occurred to me yesterday when I was feeling down.  My kids think I'm pretty okay, as does my husband, so life's good.  Who cares what anyone else thinks?  Right?


Alyson said...

I used to plan my BYU schedule around Sesame Street broadcasts, I loved it so much. I'm talking post-mission here, I still did that. So no PBS is one of my true mournings about not having any television signal. The rest of it can go jump in a lake, but I wish my kids knew Sesame Street.

Lia London, author said...

I love you, Julie! You do such a great job momming your kids, and your whole daily-grind success story of living what you know to be true is inspiring to me.

Janiece said...

AMEN, sister.

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