Sunday, September 11, 2011

Timing of Things

Today was our smoothest day of Primary since I've been in this calling.  It was wonderful.  For anyone who might not know, Primary is the children's class (ages 3 to 12) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In the church, people hold "callings;" a "job" of sorts that we do on a voluntary basis.  A year ago this past April, I was called as the Primary President in my ward (a congregation divided by geographical area).  I work with two counselors and a secretary.

We got in today and got everything set up in plenty of time before the kids came in.  I even got to play the piano for a few moments before the pianist arrived.  It felt good to be relaxed as the kids walked in.  We have around 70 kids in our Primary.

Primary is split into three parts--sharing time, singing time and class time.  On Sunday's, we, as a presidency, oversee the singing and sharing time parts of the meeting.  One of the presidency conducts the meeting, one teaches sharing time, and one visits the classes each week.  Singing time is carried out by a pianist and chorister.

I feel blessed to work with the women I do.  We "gel" well together.  Each person's strengths complement the others'.  It's been amazing to see from the first week we worked together.  Prayer is answered, and I feel strongly that I was directed that these women were the ones that were to be my counselors and secretary.  Each time I'm with them is wonderful.

Today, though, I was particularly impressed with something.  Our chorister is a woman who goes above and beyond each and every week.  It's clear that she loves those kids.  Each week we wait to see what she's going to do.  Always so creative.

I had the chorister calling a number of years ago.  I LOVED it!  But, I didn't do it like she does.  Today I saw why she is the current chorister.

In our youngest class that sits on the very front row, there is a little boy who struggles with verbal language.  He seemed so happy to be there today.  Some days it doesn't seem that way.  Today I watched him.  Today, he was completely engrossed in singing time.  His mouth was moving, and he was attempting to sing the songs that our chorister led, but more than that, he was doing the exact hand motions she was doing.  That's one thing she does with nearly every song--she sings with her hands.  I was struck with the idea that her calling at THIS particular time is vital.  That little boy needs HER and her way of doing things.  I was so touched that this little boy was "singing" the best he could, and it was because this woman cares enough to sing things "his way."

What a blessing to be able to serve with such inspiring people and in such inspirational circumstances!


Missy@It's a Ray Thing said...

70 kids! That's a big Primary. Our Primary is currently at about 20. With all but 5 of them boys!!!!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

I miss Primary! Didn't think I'd ever say that, but I do! Primary chorister was my favorite calling, ever! I, too sang with my hands. I led all of my own children in singing time, and now all of them think that that is the correct way to lead. My youngest daughter, now teaching the five-year-olds commented that the chorister in their ward doesn't even do the actions! I had to explain to her that not everyone did. She was shocked. I guess she was paying attention!

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