Friday, September 30, 2011


It's a migraine day.  I'm definitely using the chicken in my freezer tonight.

Please understand that sometimes I'm going to make recipes from the Madhouse cookbook, so the recipe won't appear here on the blog.  I don't want anyone thinking they wasted their money by those recipes appearing here.  Some of those recipes were posts before the cookbook came to be, so when I make one of those, I will link to it.

For tonight, I'm turning to my mom.  If you have the book, you'll find it on page 20--the bottom recipe (Chicken and Rice Casserole).  That's it.  Simple, straightforward, and to the point.  Enjoy!

Today's after school snack is this.  I have a son who has a hard time getting his homework turned in.  We're trying to create a new habit, so on Fridays, if he's turned all of his work in on time, I take cookies up to the school with me when I go pick him up.  We go out on the playground, the kids play for about 15 minutes, and we eat the cookies.  Just working on celebrating the little victories.


LeAnn said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
The dinner sounds wonderful and the minutes with the children great.
Blessings to you and enjoy all the moments with your family.

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