Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do Unto Others

You know how they say (whoever "they" is) that we do for others what we want done for ourselves.  For example, I throw my husband a surprise party because it's what I'd want him to do for me?

Well, this morning, the Warden and I were having a chat.  A lot of the circumstances of this summer have made me see that when I add to my experience and work toward accomplishing goals for myself as an individual, I'm enriching my relationship with him and the richness of my family.  We were discussing goals that we, as ourselves, want to accomplish.

For years, on Mother's Day and on my birthday, the Warden has given me various electronic devices.  Palm Pilots (remember those), cell phones, etc.  Each item had a camera attached to it.  I would laugh that he thought I must be some kind of photographer (which was really not the case--I had no desire toward it at all).  I think, at one point, I must have had four or five different devices that all had cameras.

As we spoke this morning, it all became clear....He was throwing me a "surprise party."  He expressed his desire to be a photographer.

Wow!  I never knew that.  I never got him a camera.  I always just threw him surprise parties.

Well...let me tell you.  Things are going to change around here.


Alyson said...

Expensive hobby, I can tell you as the wife of someone who wants to be a photographer! But so much good comes from it. And yay for making your event shopping easier! :)

Deena said...

I love the simple insights you share about everyday life. What you've written here is so true!

For years, my husband would get me beautiful earrings for special occasions. Now, if you know me, you know I very rarely wear earrings. I actually had to ask him to stop buying me earrings because I don't like to wear them much.

I know you are probably thinking, "How does this relate to my story? Did Michael want to pierce his ears?" The short answer is no, he did not.

The long answer is that during Christmas dinner last year, I got a compliment on the pair of his earrings that I was wearing (probably the only time I wore earrings last year). My sister probably noticed because, as I mentioned, I never wear earrings. I replied, "Thank you. Michael bought these for me a long time ago."

Michael, who was sitting next to me, added, "She has a lot of nice earrings. I wish she would wear them more often."

I felt a little flush of red hit my cheeks as he said that, and I asked him later why he announced that in front of my family without discussing it with me first. He said, "I just think you look so pretty with earrings. You have such nice ears."

So, all of these years I thought he had been buying me earrings because he thought I would like them. It turns out that he was buying them because HE liked to see them on me!

I'm still not very good about wearing them daily, but I do make an effort to put some in for special occasions now. ; )

Anonymous said...

Great post! I've always wanted to be a photographer and my husband has bought me several cameras as well. I think the famous line that I repeat often is, "this camera is horrible." So a few months later I get a new one. One of these days it will be one that actually lasts longer than 6 months. It is an expensive hobby, but a fun one!

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