Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Three Dogs

I know you probably think I'm absolutely insane to take on more, but I just couldn't turn down these sweet faces.  They actually make my life much easier when they show up and hang around for awhile.  They each have a mat in the front hallway, and that's okay, right?  I mean, when people show up to visit, they're not going to mind finding my dogs napping there, right?

Pixie's about 20 pounds.  Butch is about double that.  I'm not sure about Skippy but probably somewhere between the other two.

Their food is under the kitchen table, and it's okay because they only eat when the kids are at school.  I do have to move the chairs for them.

Here's some photos of them.  Don't you think they're cute?  I bet you'd like one too.

The dogs at nap time (from top to bottom): Skippy, Butch and Pixie

Pixie eating her dog food (Cheerios)

Butch eating his dog food
They're really good dogs!

Did you really think I'd take on three more dogs?!  I may be mad, but I'm not stupid.


Toni Moxley said...

HAHAHA! Oh this made my morning!! Too cute, love the name and the pictures of them eating!!

Christy said...

I was slightly confused for a sec as I was just there and didn't see signs of other dogs! So funny! How about I take the tie dye one off your hands :) I think he may just fit right in around here!

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