Friday, September 30, 2011

Madhouse Munchings: Share All Bread Bowls

I DID it!  I made the bread bowls I wrote about yesterday.  They turned out wonderfully.  The only thing I will do differently is to let them bake a little bit longer.  I ran a quick errand while they were in the oven, so I had one of the kids pull them out.  They were fine just not brown enough.

I got permission from my friend Melissa to share this recipe with you.  Oh, I'll also tell you the reason I've never attempted to make these before was because I didn't have a Kitchenaid.  Now that I do, the fear is gone.  The first time we had these, Melissa and her family came over to our house for the Sunday General Conference sessions.  Between sessions, we had lunch, and these were part of the lunch.  Melissa went so far as to bring her Kitchenaid with her to make these.  But, that's how easy they are; they can be made and eaten within that two hour break between Conference sessions.

Here you go....

Melissa Smith's Share All Bread Bowls


1 Tbsp. yeast (or one package)
2 Tbsp. oil
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 C. warm water
5 C. flour  +/-


Mix the wet ingredients with the yeast.  Add the other ingredients and mix together until they form a smooth ball.  Form into balls, place on a cookie sheet (I greased mine; although, it's not mentioned on the recipe from Melissa), and let rise until double in size.  Bake at 350^ for 15-20 minutes (like I said, I'd probably bake them for about 17 minutes). 

We were able to make 8 moderate size bowls.  You can also make this dough into rolls.  If you're going to use them as bread bowls, slice a bit from the top, and use your fingers to hollow out the center.  Be careful not to make holes in it. 

Make any kind of creamy soup to go inside them.  Last night's soup was fab.  When we originally had these, we had a potato soup with ham and cheese in it.  Anyway, give it a try.  I'd love to hear how they turn out.


Rory Baxter said...

Bread bowls, along with Jamba Juice smoothies, are Kaeli's new most FAVE foods!
She is going to be SOOO excited to have a good, solid recipe to make them here at home!
Thanx tons to you, and your friend, for sharing this amazing recipe!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

YUM!!! Looks great! I adore soup in bread bowls! Thanks for sharing that and for linking up!

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