Friday, July 22, 2011


#6 jabbed his arm with a pencil the other day.  Don't ask me what he was doing or even thinking.  I haven't a clue.  #3 stuck a band-aid on it.

The next day, it was showing signs of infection.  The Warden poked around to make sure there was no part of the pencil lead in his arm.  #3 was in the room while he was inspecting it.  To keep #6 from crying, #3 told him to blow as if he were blowing out a candle.  Of course, she didn't tell him it was to stop the crying.

Anyway, that afternoon, I took him to the doctor.  The doctor poked around too, but nothing was found.  They X-rayed it, and again, nothing was found.

They put him on some strong antibiotics, and it's much better.

We got to talking about this in the car with #3 the other day.  The Warden also mentioned, when one of the kids (maybe the same kid) smashed his fingers, #3 told him to "grab the water" as the finger was being held under the water.  This provided two benefits.  First, it slowed the bruising of the finger with the cold water, and second, it kept the fingers loose as the hands clenched and unclenched. 

Wow!  #3 has a lot of good tricks.  Love it!  I should go to her for tips more often.


Unknown said...

#3 is definately one of my favorite inmates! She has a comforting spirit and will do wonders helping others in her life(As she already does!). Those of us around her are definately blessed.

Julia Shinkle said...

Prediction: She is going to be a children's doctor and a good one with all that natural ability to stay calm and speak to them so they understand!

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