Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You Really There?

Okay, I've just got to say it....

It's bugging me.

I come here everyday.  Everyday, before I write my post, I look to see where people are reading from.  It's really fun and exciting, but I'm wondering if it's lying to me.

What do you read when you come here?  What that I write interests you?  What kind of stuff should I be including?

One of the top five posts has no comments on it.  How can it possibly be in the top five?  If no one comments, I almost wonder if really no one is really reading it.

So....Feedback, please?  If no one comments here, I'm going to know it's lying to me, and blogger is just putting random stuff on here.

Of course, you know I'm just kidding, but it does make one wonder.


Julia Shinkle said...

I have you on a follow on Blogger. But you probably know that. I was thinking this morning it would be cool of you had a day where you answered questions about motherhood, being a wife, student or generally cool person that you are...then you don't have to think of a topic to write about. I love reading your blog! You inspire me. Your post last week about spreadsheets launched me into a project that I have been working on in my brain for months but once I put all the info in a spreadsheet I could see it right there in front of me! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I'm here as much as I can be. You know what's going on, but I wanted to apologize for not commenting more.

I love your family stories, your insights about what is going on around you, and your funny quips about life in general. You inspire me to try harder as a mom and friend. (I'm still working on finding the time for friendship. Life is hard right now for this single mom.)

L.O.V.E. your blog ;)

Lene said...

I am so bad at leaving comments.
I am such a hypocrite, because I complain about no comments being left on my blog. My stats say I had 94 page views one day and NOT ONE COMMENT. Grrrr

Tonya said...

I usually read everything you post, but my favorites are when you get down and dirty and let it all hang out:)

vaxhacker said...

As I've said before, I'm usually mystified by which of my blog posts get comments and which don't (and where the comment conversations go). It's often the opposite of what I expected, in each of those ways. I will occasionally let it bother me that I poured out my soul about something, or got into some kind of controversial territory, and ... crickets chirping... (the hit-meter says they were read but... silence...) But then something will come up in conversation with a friend and they indicate that they took something meaningful away but had nothing they thought they could add as a comment. I'm learning to just relax and not worry about it, but emotionally it's hard when you're so close to the subject at hand.

I have you on "follow" so I see your posts show up on my Blogger dashboard and read them when they pop up (or catch up a few at a time when I can). I enjoy what you are sharing even if (hanging my head in shame after just posting the previous paragraph) I'm not all that prolific about commenting myself.

What to write about? I think you've been doing fine with random slices of your family life, what your kids are up to, what's on your mind, all the ups and downs that we all go through and carry the reassurance of being reminded that we're all in this life thing together and all have our "stuff". I've learned a lot about how to be a better parent, friend, spouse, and person, I think, by reading some of your experiences and latching onto good ideas that resonate with me. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read because it's real and unscripted, and isn't trying to be something else.

Only occasionally have I used it to remind my kids that other people have parents who don't let them get away with whatever they want, and make them do chores, too. :)

vaxhacker said...

Nah, just kidding. There's nobody here, the site counter things are just random generators. :)

Sometimes I really wonder about the completely weird and random hits I get to my profile from all over the world. Probably just some automated data-mining thing but it's a little creepy.

If you don't mind me stealing the idea, I'm curious to ask my blog friends the same question... curious to just know what even interests people that stop by, or if I'm just blathering on like a big dork or something... like... I'm doing now.

um, yeah.

Rory Baxter said...

I pop onto your blog nearly every day. Sometimes I post comments, and sometimes I just take a peek. I love everything you write about. You continue to inspire me and keep me in awe of the amazing person and mom that you are. I love your perspective about life in general, but esp about your kids. You have helped me tons to better my mothering skills and to just try to do things differently.
Your recent posts about all of your genealogy adventures have spurred me to hunt things down when we travel to SLC next month. Hoping to come home with boxes of stuff to sort through and get temple ready.
Thanx tons for all that you do, share, and post. You are really amazing and I appreciate all that you are willing to share on your blog.

Crazymamaof6 said...

I like your stories. I have 't had much time lately to read. But I feel ya on the wondering where everyone is? ! Lame not getting any comments when the numbers say people are reading. Love the story of the free range child. My phone wouldn't let me comment. Or I would have.

Janiece said...

lately I have been terrible at leaving messages.

Corinne Ritz said...

I read all you write, and haven't really been commenting lately. I'm just too busy! Maybe when school starts again:)

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