Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Next Adventure?

A few days ago, I received information on groups of people who are heading over to Japan to help with the clean up of the Sendai area.  It came from one of the Warden's cousins, who served a mission in Japan and taught English there.

He called last night and said that he'd gotten all of the funding he needed and had purchased his ticket.  He wondered if I wanted to go along.

Oh WOW!!!  Do I?!  You'd better believe it!

They're leaving at the end of the month and will return on August 8th.

First thing I have to worry about is a passport then it's a matter of money.  According to the Warden's cousin, it'll cost about $1600 total, but I just found out a flight from Portland is more than $1100, so I'm guessing it'll be a bit more than that.

I don't really want to beg and plead, especially in this economy, so I'm trying to find a way to earn the money needed.  I have just more than two weeks to do so.  Anyone have any good ideas?  Do you want to donate some fundage to my cause?


Unknown said...

Julie- You HAVE TO DO THIS! This will be an amazing experience for you. So... here is what you do. You call or write letters to every professional you have ever spent money on: Your Doctor, your dentist, your vet, your kids docs, you car repairman, your house contractor--- you get the idea. When I went to belgium I sent out letters to all the professionals I knew and had interfaced with as well as extended family, and I got a chunk of change. I will help you send out letters if you want. And I will see if we have any extra in our budget this month to help you out! This is so excited Julie! You simply have to do it!

Janiece said...

WOW what an amazing experiece...are you ready for what you will see?
I would contact red cross and ask if they have a fund that they use to help cover those helping in disasters.
Do you have a PayPal account?

Hesses Madhouse said...

Yes, I do have a paypal account. I've never had anyone pay into it before, though. Is it just by email address? If so, my email is: jolierufus(at)hotmail(dot)com. Thanks Janiece!

Megan! I LOVE your idea. I would love to have your help on this if you're truly game. Thanks so much!

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