Friday, July 22, 2011

My Twenty-Second Birthday

I got out my mission journal this evening.  Wow!  I haven't even looked at this stuff since back then.  Actually, I can only remember one time when I opened it to read it.  That was within the year of coming home.

I got to glancing through it tonight, and I found this (I don't think I believed in paragraphs back then):

"We had a really interesting experience yesterday.  The cherry blossoms are out in full force, and it's beautiful!  Takahashi Sakumi Shimai made us katsudon and potato soup for lunch and the five of us went to the park next to Gokoku Jinja to eat.  There were a lot of o-sake drinking parties; that's common and quite a tradition here.  While we were in the middle of eating, about 50-60 6th grade children came to the park and were all standing behind us, staring.  Tait Shimai said, 'Don't look behind you, but you right now, you have about 100 little eyes on you.'  Olson Shimai went down to take a picture amongst them and it was like someone pulled a switch.  They swarmed to us.  Every time you pointed a camera, there they were....It was very funny.  Their teacher was really mad.  The kids were totally out of control."

I found these cherry blossoms that I collected from that day--April 13, 1990


LeAnn said...

I love keeping journals. I have been faithful at doing so for 34 years. I hope they will be my memories to read when I start forgetting them; which is almost now.
I can see why you are so excited about going to Japan. I enjoyed the pictures and the journal entry.
Blessings to you!

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