Friday, July 15, 2011

Tissues Please

I'm sitting here just hoping my kids don't walk in the room right now. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, and I can't do anything to stop them. My kids think I don't cry--EVER. Oh how wrong they are! Actually, in my first area in Japan, the night before I transferred to Yamagata, I was given the name "Nakimushi" by the ward members, which means, "Cries easily." I tried to be tough, but when something touches me deeply, it grabs my throat and the tears just flow. I can't help it. Believe me, I've tried.  I'm not a loud crier, I just get a little wet around the face, that's all.

Today, if payments are made, I will have sold 100 cookbooks. I honestly can't believe this.

This is all just an exercise of faith. Three nights ago, I told the Warden's cousin that there was no way I could go with them. "No way!" Those were my very words. Now, here I am looking as money comes in from some very generous, kind people--my friends. Wow! I can't express my feelings here.

I'm not a for sure deal; there is really so much to be done. One bad move, and I'm out of luck. I just have to keep pushing on.

Today, I have to continue typing in recipes (I'm hoping to be done within the next 48 hours).  I also need to go to the county seat and get a copy of my marriage certificate. After that, I'm taking a bit of a jaunt over to Costco to get my photos taken for a passport.

I have to wait until Sunday or Monday to use the automated system at the regional passport service to make an appointment to go get a passport--you have to be two weeks away from travel. It will mean a day trip to Seattle--3 hours away--one of these days soon. It also means I have to pay for my flight before my appointment; I have to be able to show proof of travel within fourteen days once I arrive for my appointment.

I'm living on the edge here. So much is at stake. Here, all these people are putting their trust in me. The timeline is tight.  Just trusting God.  If this is what He wants me to do, it will happen.

Really. Whose life is this really?  I'm in complete shock.


Tonya said...

Your AWESOME for jumping on this and figuring out a way to make it happen. I love you, Julie!!! This will work out. Of course you're supposed to go there and help. This opportunity hasn't fallen into your lap for nothing. Oh the stories you will have to tell. I'm so excited for you. Type away and sell my friend!

Unknown said...

You are amazing! I am so excited for you!

Grace said...

Julie are amazing! I ordered 2 just now via paypal and I hope more orders flood in. I love you Julie and of course you are supposed to go to Japan. Everything is falling in place! Yes!!

Darilyn said...

Hey, we do a cash system around here so I have cash for you. i can bring it by tomorrow morning on my way home from the Farmer's Market. My mom wants one too so we will bring you the money for both books.

Janiece said...

When you are in the service of your fellow beings...
Heavenly Father bless those who serve his children. What an amazing experience to take part in...and if this is where our Father needs you everything will fall into place. I have seen that in my own life.
I am excited to see your recipe book.
I am linking your blog to my blog and facebook account if that is ok...
You had start printing those books by the cases!

BUT...I have one big question...what did the cardiologist say about you leaving the country? Yes, you need to ask.

Jenn said...

You know if you're going to Seattle you have to drive almost right past my house on I5....just sayin :) I am so proud that you're doing this! I know you're gonna go and you're gonna be great! Oh wait, you are GREAT!

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