Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seeing the End

I only have to proof read my last regular paper for adolescent lit, and I can send it in.  I still have my term paper ahead, but at least this one's done.  I wrote it while sitting in the car

today waiting for the kids while they watched a movie at the theatre.  I can't believe I finished it.  Phew!

I stewed and fretted about this one from the time I started the class.  The assignment was to come up with a newer book and an older book that dealt with the same theme and share how you would deal with it in a classroom setting.  I thought I would do something with A Wrinkle in Time, but it just wasn't sitting well with me.

When I sat down to write today, there it was just like I had been planning on it all along.  I ended up with not two books but three.  I decided that I would prepare a classroom unit on survival dealing with The Life of Pi, Kensuke's Kingdom and The Cay.  I love how it turned out.  So excited to be done.

So, once that's done, it's onto the term paper.  The plan is to write about current young adult best sellers and how my community compares in what books interest them.  I've contacted the school librarians and the city library young adult librarians to see what books are checked out the most.

After this is over, I have a final and then I'm signing up for my LAST CLASS.  Yes.  You read that right, my LAST!  Still have to get through personal finance--I'm half way done, the careers class and then write a final paper to sum up the entire experience.

ish me luck.


singing/granny said...

Good luck! I am also finishing up my class in art history with three essays due tomorrow and a test to go with it all:) But I'm sure you will agree it is fun to be learning and growing! Hang in there! Melody

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