Monday, July 25, 2011

T Minus Six and Counting

I'm figuring I have six days to prepare.

I haven't said much about what's going on with my family while #1 and I'll be gone to Japan, so I thought I'd start with that.  Some have asked to help with the kids, which is super nice, but the Warden is taking the week off.  He rarely takes time off, so this will be a good thing--I hope.  I don't know what his plans are with the kids, but I'm THRILLED that the kids'll get some time with their dad.

I'm already planning that the house will not be clean when I get home, but it's rarely clean when I am home.  Such is the life with seven kids.  There's always someone messing up some part of the house or other, so it's all good.

Today it all begins....the preparations.

Here are the plans for today.  As soon as I'm done blogging here (I've given myself seven minutes to do so), the deep cleaning of the house begins.  Each child chose three jobs from a list I created.  #1 is off at a choir thing, so she wasn't here to represent herself.  Poor kid. 

Today is laundry day for me.  I also get to work on the garage and cleaning the laundry room (not hard since I just streamlined it the other day).  I just need to get through a few bins in there--sewing stuff and gift wrap, and the streamlining is all done.

After I pick up #1 from her choir thing, we're heading off to find our supplies.  I have a friend who has said he may have a sleeping bag or two for us and another who might have a suitcase or two.  We're, then heading to the military supply store and maybe a thrift store or two to find what we need.  My plan, is to take two changes of clothes with me.  The apartment has a washer and dryer, so I figure I'll wash one pair and wear the other.  I will also need to take some clothes for church.  Coveralls will be vital to my existence.

I need to figure out the grocery shopping for two weeks.  My plan is to make freezer meals on Wednesday.  Has anyone ever done this?  I've doubled stuff (I guess in our case, quadrupled stuff) and frozen the extra, but I'm talking about taking an entire day and just going to town making food for the freezer?  I could really use some tips on this one.  Any pointers, links to websites, etc. would be more than appreciated.  Thanks!

I need to print Q's airline tickets today and go back over the kids' summer goals and schedules with them.  We're also going to have lunch with the Warden today, so that'll be a nice break.

We have friends coming for dinner and FHE tonight, so that means dinner's going into the crockpot here in a matter of minutes.

There, that's the day.  I'm off to clean the house.


Janiece said...

Oh my goodness! You are way to organzied.
Freezer dinners, I do just like you did. Remind warden to pull them out in the morning so they will be part thawed.
I didn't know #1 is going with you! HOW WONDERFUL!
Thinking about you every day.

Rory Baxter said...

Wow!! Q is going with you? How absolutely amazing and even more special for you!

For freezer meal prep - decide which recipes you want to make. It is sometimes best to choose things with similar ingredients. Cook all the meat, chop all the veggies, make all the sauces, THEN assemble the casseroles, and other things you want to make. Get all of the work out of the way first and then it is easy to just chunk out the recipes because all of the parts are ready. You can hold a freezer meal in the fridge to thaw the night before.

The other thought you can do if you dont want to freeze everything and give the chance for the kids to practice cooking is to assemble ready-to-eat recipes.Preston's mom has done ALL of her food storage this way. She takes a box or bag and assembles all the ingredients and the recipe into one place. It is just a grab-and-go to cook and never have to worry about hunting anything down. So for example a chkn fetticini dinner (canned chicken, pasta, sauce, bread fixins, canned or bottled veggies, and recipe,etc) all in one bag or box on the shelf, ready to go. It is a really awesome system and no brainer for what to fix on the days when there are sports or outings or whatever.

Hope this helps. Sounds like you are in the same mode we are with trying to get ready to leave again. Wish I was closer so we could come up and help you. Good luck with everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Megan Conser does a lot of freezer cooking, so ask her for any tips. I have a recipe book for frozen meals, but I'm guessing you don't want to see any new recipes for quite a while. ;)
- Lisa C

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