Thursday, July 28, 2011

T Minus Four

It's been a busy day.  We finally found the boots we were looking for.  We stopped at about five different stores and called three others before we found them.  They weren't as expensive as I was thinking they would end up being.  I've had a few friends try to help me out with the boot situation.  I have a LOT of pairs of boots to return to people.  Most of them are in men's sizes, and I have a small foot for a woman, so it was kind of a tough order to fill.  I still got them in a men's size, but it's a six, so not too far off.  The men's eights and nines just didn't cut it for me--a bit too far off especially if I'm going to be living in them for a week.

I got a phone message this evening from someone who wants to talk to me about "Japan issues."  I'm thinking whoever it is is going to try to talk me out of going.  We'll see.  I figure if the missionaries can be there, we're okay.  We will be well taken care of.

Got the grocery shopping finished.  Now to finish the laundry.

Lots to do tonight.

We celebrated #5's birthday this evening.  His birthday is actually December 28th, but because it's so close to Christmas, we've given him the option to celebrate it during the summer.  This is the second year he's chosen this.  We can't do it on his half birthday because that's #7's birthday, so we hold off for a month.  Personally, I love it!

We went bowling and had pizza and cake and ice cream.  He got to invite a friend.  Every four years the kids get a big party.  This is an off year for him, so he just gets to invite one.

Things are fairly well packed.


Janiece said...

Oh how exciting!!!

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