Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost My Cool

Darn me!  Some things just tick me off.  You can mess with me all you want, but when you start messing with my kids, you WILL feel my wrath.

Well, you know my dear, beloved soccer coach? he hit my limit.

And, no, I didn't do anything about my prior complaints, so maybe I'm to blame for being so passively aggressive.  I come here to gripe and then do nothing?  Sorry.  I really am trying to be forgiving and turn the other cheek.  Maybe I'm just being a wimp.  Maybe it's just that sports don't matter that much to me.  Maybe I just find this so not worth my time.  I don't know.

Today, we had to be at the field at 7am.  The game started at 8am.  We were late.  We were there 40 minutes before the game.  The next game, because this was a tournament, was going to be at 11:10.  The coach kept the players over in the shade, and I went off to the car to get something done while I waited.

Pretty soon, there was #5 at the car saying, "Mom, do you have any water or anything?"  I didn't, so I said, "Let's go get some."  He got in the car.  As I drove, I asked him if he'd asked his coach if he could go.  He said, "No, he doesn't like me.  He probably wouldn't have let me, so I asked the assistant coach if I could go find my mom.  She said okay."

We went to the store.  Got him something to eat and drink, and then we went back at least 30 minutes before the next game.

At half time, I realized that he hadn't played at all.  In the first game, he had played for about five minutes in the 1st half and then played goalie in the second half.  Nothing got past him, but they lost because of the goals scored by the other team the first half.

With about ten minutes left in the game, I saw #5 still sitting on the other side.  Just sitting.  Before that, he'd been kicking a ball.  I noticed that he was kicking it really close to his coach so that the coach would see him and remember that he was there, but the coach never put him in.  I was starting to get mad.  It's just a game, right?

I finally motioned for #5 to get up and come see me.  He did.  The coach didn't even care.  #5 said, "What are we doing?"  I said, "Leaving."  He said, "I have to go get my bag."  I said, "Okay, go get it and let your coach know we're leaving."  "Okay."

He did, and we were off, but before we left, I pulled up to the coaches car and left him a "love" note under his windshield wiper.

The Warden's gonna be so unhappy with me when he gets home.  He's at the youth conference right now.  He's such a gentle giant, and I'm such a momma bear.  Poor guy (the Warden)!  He likes this coach.  I think he's an excellent coach as far as skills go, but he's a bit too power hungry for my liking.  Anything ticks him off, and he takes it out on the kids...nothing said.


Lia London, author said...

Um. You left out the details about what the note said.....

Hesses Madhouse said...

HaHa! Yes, I did that on purpose. I'm going to keep that between him and me for the time being.

Alyson said...

Justification is so easy, I know, and I'm probably justifying. I don't believe I would have applied turning the other cheek in this situation at all. Persecution? Yes. Religious beliefs? Yes. Team you pay for your kid to play on? Nope. That there's an employee situation, and I'd have fired the coach, or at least given him a HUGE piece of my mind, long before you did. I'd have seen it more as a clearing of the temple thing than a standing before Pilate thing.

I want to hear what the note said, too!

Janiece said...

You go Mamma Bear. If our kids can't count on their parents who can they count on?

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