Thursday, July 21, 2011


We got ourselves safely up and back from Seattle today.  The passports are done.  We couldn't stick around for it to be delivered, so they are over-nighting them.

I think I blogged about this before, but we had a plan for #1 to earn her money, which didn't pan out completely.  That was a bit disappointing, but we are still working on things.  A number of people donated money or have sent checks these past few days saying that the funds were just for her.  That was VERY sweet, and we are grateful.  We are also open to new ideas.  She is going to be doing some work for a neighbor to earn some money.  I think we're going to get there.

Here's why I think so.....

When we got home, I started looking into flights.  I went and had a hard time finding the same flights I was going to be on from Portland to LA, so I called the airline.  The price was $300 more than I had paid.  I told the woman thank you, but we didn't have the ability to buy it at this time.  I hung up and told the Warden that she wouldn't be going.  Great sadness!

I closed the airline website and went to check my email.  After being gone all day, there was quite a bit.  The very first email was from the travel agent at Destination Japan.  Here's what it said:

"Today Delta Airline announced the best deal ever to Japan.  The round trip from Los Angeles to Haneda which are the same flight with [the cousins].  Price is $763.00 including tax and airline fuel surcharge.  You still need to figure out the between Portland and Los Angeles though."

Wow!  Really?  REALLY?!  

I looked up at the clock and found that it was 5:30pm.  For sure she'd gone home.  I don't know where she's located, but what are the chances that she'd still be in the office?  I called thinking I could leave a message, and as I dialed and listened to it ring, I read, "If you're still looking for the deal, please let me know asap before seats are gone!"  Oh, for sure they're all gone was my first thought (oh me of little faith).
The phone rang, and who should answer?  She did!  Typically, I have to dial her extension and jump through the hoops to get to her.

So, I spoke with her and she reserved a seat for #1, but I have to respond by tomorrow at 3pm.  I also had to figure out the Portland to LA connections.  I called Southwest.  Guess what.

With Delta and Southwest, her flights end up being the VERY SAME price as mine.  Wow!  Seriously, what are the chances?  She will be on entirely different airline than I am from Portland to LA and back again, but her flights leave before mine and arrive after, so I can send her off and meet up with her again.

Do you now see why I don't believe in coincidences?

So, nothing is purchased yet.  She has a good amount to still come up with, but like I said, if it's supposed to work it will.  It's just that we need to exercise our faith, and do as we're directed.  Seems like Someone's still on our side.  So grateful!

I have one thought for you, and I'd love to know what you think about this.  If it's a lousy idea, please don't be afraid to say so.  I still need to proofread the recipes that are going into the cookbook.  I've done about one-third of them.  What if I were to open sales back up until Saturday, with the idea of any further money going to #1, but she, in order to earn the money received from those orders, has to proofread the rest of the book?  She will also continue to be involved until they are all delivered to their rightful owners.  Is there anyone still out there that would buy one or two?  Like I said, if this is lame, please don't be shy to say so.

Thank you for sticking with me/us through all of this.  I hope it's not too much drama.  


vaxhacker said...

I think it's a fine idea. Even if you were worried about commingling the funds, you've explicitly closed one and started the next, so that shouldn't be an issue. I say go for it!

And it's interesting how the planets seem to be aligning for you on this.

Unknown said...

LURV Drama..

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

I certainly agree. There are no coincidences. Someone is in charge!
And I think the proof-reading is a great idea!

Tonya said...

Love your idea to open up sales again and involve #1. You so smart! And this WILL work out. It's just my gut feeling:)

Margie said...

I don't see any problem at all with all the money being combined. It's really all for the same purpose, so I can't imagine anyone being upset over the minutae of who/how it is spend except that it is donr in order to get the both of you there to do good works! Anyone who believes in you enough to contribute, also trusts that you will be a good steward of the funds.

Mary said...

I agree with Margie!

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