Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blitherings about today

I'm wanting to put more photos in my blog, so I've decided to start with my sweet D.J. She had her first battle for Battle of the Books yesterday, and her team won. She was very excited about that. Tomorrow she has a big state float project due. She studied New York. D.J. does things her own way. She's creative and has a great zest for life.

B is a cute kid. He is fairly serious and is loving Cub Scouts right now. This past den meeting he learned about magic and is working on a magic trick to share with everyone at the next pack meeting. We have learned that B works best with a checklist, so when he comes home, he gets his list and his dry erase marker and starts in getting stuff done. He's a cute kid. Soccer has begun for spring, and he's in his element.

T has officially become known as "Tugga." Not sure why we have started calling him that, but Tonya kept he and A today. At one point when I was picking them up, I heard Tonya refer to him as Tugga. I just laughed. It's fun when friends start calling your kids by their pet names. He gets himself into the most hilarious positions. He is learning to take his clothes off, but he only seems to do it when he's going to sleep. We've walked in to check on him at night to find him shirtless and pantsless and half diapered and completely undiapered. Excuse me, for him that is "bapper"-ed. He has a pretty good vocabulary, but is still in need of translation most of the time. Z and I came up with a T to English dictionary at one point. It consists of such words as "nana" (drink), kaka (cracker or any kind of food), "MeiMei" (Maggie), "Nihna" (Q), "Deezhay" (D.J.), "Ma," "Da," "Ca" (car), and others. His first sentence was said about three weeks ago, he said,"Go 'way Da." Not very nice, but true.

A's my buddy. We hang out nearly everyday though everyday he asks, "Who's house do I get to go to today, Mom?" after we've dropped the middle schoolers off to school. A is learning how to read and has Kindergarten orientation tomorrow night. He's excited to get to ride the school bus. The other day we were in the car and drove by a strip mall. He said, "Mom, what word has two f's and two e's?" I realized that what he'd read was "coffee." He said, "Oh, we don't drink coffee. What else has two f's and two e's." I guess my first answer wasn't good. A is an expert at Wii tennis and prides himself on beating me.

G-dawg is one of the most amazing boys I know. I love all my boys and feel blessed to have each of them, but G is just a consistent and can always be counted on. Okay, funny story for today. Z and I had to go get costumes taken care of for Saturday, so we left Q in charge of making dinner and G in charge of T. When I returned, I opened the garage door and sat in the car to finish a conversation I was having with my dad on my cell phone. G brought T out to greet me almost immediately after I arrived. I thought this was really sweet until I smelled T (he wasn't so sweet). I realized that G had been counting the minutes until my return so I could take care of this. Boy was he disappointed. He received a big lesson in don't wait, do it early before it leaks. I told him that since this had happened during his watch, he would have the joy of taking care of it. Well, after very little instruction, I eventually heard the bathtub being filled and about five minutes later was greated by a diapered albeit somewhat wet, but happy, T. G did a great job. It was definitely not something he wanted to do.

Q is my great friend. We see eye to eye about many things. I guess what we're proud of her most for right now is getting her Personal Progress finished. We are glad she got it done before high school commitments take over her life. She will get her medallion on Sunday. At school, she has a boy that likes her, and I think that's been a bit of a distraction but thankfully she still listens to us (or at least she acts like she does). She's loving her new room. I'll have to take photos of the rooms to put in a future post.

Z has been very understanding lately. He agreed to throw me a birthday party although I think what I chose to do isn't even in his universe not to mention down his alley. We are doing a murder mystery party with a medieval theme. I have always loved dressing up and playing parts. Today, we got his costume (pictures in a future post). He is so great to go along with all of this. I feel blessed to have such a great husband!

Tonight when I got home from visiting teaching, I knew something major was going on because I could hear power tools upstairs (not a normal sound for our home). It seems that T's crib railing was coming apart from the crib at the bottom, so T, in trying to get out, would slip down into that space and get stuck. What I'm learning about my husband is that if something on a piece of furniture is out of place or not doing what you want it to, you get the drill and stick a screw in it. I just laughed when I walked in the room, but he was seriously and diligently screwing the railing. I'm wondering if he's the reason why the term "screw it" came to be. Hmm.

Okay, so my happiest thing of today was getting my costume fixed. I went to Goodwill and found a better skirt and got my sleeves fixed. The original skirt came with an obnoxious green peplum, so I cut off the peplum and turned it into flowing sleeves. I'm now excited to party!


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