Friday, April 11, 2008

Day Off

No school today. Although, Z had to be there. He had to transfer three teachers this year. I have honestly never seen Z stressed in our 16 years of marriage until now. This is the worst part of his job. Every year, somebody forecasts school attendance for the coming year. Every year, Z has been told that he has to decrease his teaching staff. I don't know why this year was particularly hard, but it definitely was.

G left for a scout overnighter at 7am. The rest of us started right in cleaning after breakfast--French toast, my favorite. Got the house all cleaned up. I love it when we work together; it takes no time at all. I even got all the clothes in my bedroom put away. It's now just a bunch of stuff that shouldn't have been in my closet to begin with that I have to deal with.

Q went in to the school at 10 to help with a mural and then went to lunch with her favorite teacher and a bunch of her girlfriends.

We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for my birthday dinner. We do this every year. It was great as usual.

Q had a babysitting job tonight, so we dropped her off there after dinner and then went to get some things for tomorrow night's party.

Okay, so one HUGE mess up today. It completely slipped my mind that my driver's license expires on my birthday. I will have to get it renewed on Monday, but I don't know how I'm going to get there on an expired license. How could I let this slip my mind? Ugh! Z jokingly said, "Let Q drive you." I said, "I guess it would be about the same thing with me on an expired license."

DJ was all fired up about watching "Return to Halloweentown" on Disney Channel tonight, so we all sat and watched it as a family (well, those of us who were here).


Carr Lot said...

HA! Love the Halloweentown movies! I enjoy your blog...and yep-we're coming in July!! (the girls and I anyway. Dave will still be in Afghanistan) :(

How old is Quinlan these days? I about fell out of my chair regarding her can't be serious!? :)

Love you!!!

Julie said...

I was kidding about her driving. We were just laughing because her driving me without a license would be about the same as me driving with mine expired. She's only 14, but will be 15 and ready for a permit in November. Ugh! The changes.

Has Dave gone? I'm so glad to know you have a blog (I was inspired by all your photos), so we can keep track of the happenings with you all.

We'll look forward to July!

Love you too!

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