Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight was Mutual. I have the most amazing group of girls to work with. Here are a few photos of tonight's activities. Our girls want to do sports all the time. We got out the ping pong table, a few basketballs and the volleyball net. It was a fun evening.

The Beehives made baby blankets and ate cookies. They joined in for a final game of volleyball with our girls.
Here's part of Gannon's group of buddies. I couldn't handpick a better group of kids for my son to hang out with.


P4 said...

I'm jealous! Those girls are lucky to have you as a leader. I miss those, how time flies. Oh and I love your blog...don't change a thing. You write from your heart and I love it. Makes up for all the years of Hess life I have missed.

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